Preventable Accident Techniques for Workplace Safety

Few things are worse for your business than workplace accidents. For one thing, they reduce your workforce if your injured employees are unable to work.

Then, you have to pay for their medical leave and to provide worker’s comp. Plus, these incidents tarnish your company’s reputation as a safe place to work.

Fortunately, most workplace accidents can be prevented altogether. To help you with this, we’ve listed the most effective preventable accident techniques you can use to keep your workers safe. Read on and follow these steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents at your business.

1. Educate Your Team

Knowledge is power—a power that can protect your team from slips, falls, and other hazards. Make sure that all of your employees know your safety rules and procedures. Don’t allow employees to use equipment or chemicals until they’ve been trained on how to use them safely.

And don’t forget about coaching, either. That is, if you see a safety rule that’s constantly being broken, address this right away.

Coach the offending team members on why the rule is important. Also, make sure there are strict penalties in place if the employees continue to break these rules. Laziness leads to injuries plain and simple.

2. Post Warnings in Relevant Places

Warnings should be posted to remind/alert employees to take extra care. Signs that say “hard hat area” and “wet floor” are good examples.

3. Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

Does your building need any repairs? Are there roof leaks and cracked floors that can cause employees to slip or trip? It’s your responsibility to get these problems fixed and your fault if they hurt someone, according to these questions to ask a workers’ comp lawyer.

Furthermore, slips, trips, and falls are among the leading causes of workplace accidents. In addition to fixing your building, keep your floor clean, dry, and free of clutter. Make sure ladders and equipment are in good repair, too.

4. Enforce Proper Lifting Techniques

Another leading cause of workplace injury is improper lifting. Make sure your team knows these correct lifting practices:

  • Always lift with the knees, not the back
  • Never twist while lifting
  • Always team-lift very heavy objects or boxes

Also, you should provide back braces for employees who wish to use them.

5. Do Regular Safety Walks

At least once a day, do a quick walk through your entire facility to ensure that the work environment is safe. That includes scanning for hazards like wet floors and making sure that safety rules are being followed. If you have a large building or you are busy with manager duties, feel free to delegate these walks to employees you can trust.

Keep Your Workplace Safe With These Preventable Accident Techniques

Stop each and every preventable accident in your workplace by following the tips above. Also, make sure you share this article with your employees/coworkers for maximum safety.

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