Postcard design strategies that will help grow your business

Postcard design strategies that will help grow your business

Postcards are a simple and cost-effective way for your business to reach current and new consumers using traditional marketing strategies. The key to a good marketing campaign, like other marketing methods, is to stand out from the crowd with Custom Postcards Printing and a message that resonates with your target demographic.

Postcards that work:

  1. Make your design simple and uncluttered.
  2. Maintain brevity and simplicity
  3. Include high-resolution, eye-catching pictures.
  4. Include an engaging call to action in your message.
  5. With these nine postcard marketing ideas, you can create an eye-catching postcard that attracts your target audience.

Reach to your audience

A person-to-person interaction is a crucial feature of companies like:

  1. Doctors and surgeons are in charge of your health.
  2. Plumbers and electricians are making their way into your house.
  3. Preschools and day cares to look after your children.

A snapshot of the people behind the firm is a common postcard marketing concept for businesses like these. A photo of the owner and employees helps to establish familiarity and trust with prospective clients.

Use vertical orientation

Because most mail is sent horizontally, use a vertical postcard design to make your message stand out. Your postcard will stick out, and the extra seconds it takes to orient it will give your message more time to reach its intended audience.

Make a big impression

4.25′′ x 5.5′′ is the typical postcard size. A bigger format, such as a 5.5′′ x 8.5′′ choice, is an eye-catching postcard design that will stand out in packed mailboxes. A greater dimension also allows for additional design area, resulting in a clean and simple product.

Opt for a high-quality stock paper

The advantages of printing postcards on high-quality paper are twofold: your mailing will withstand the rigors of transportation and will appear more spectacular in the customer’s hands. Use an ultra-thick, 14- or 16-point material to ensure your card is sturdy enough for sending (and to amaze your consumers).

Send personalized postcards

According to the Sales team, 84 percent of consumers believe that being treated like a person rather than a number is critical to earning their business. Using your customer’s name in bold writing on the card is also a sure-fire technique to get their attention.

Include attention-grabbing images

A strong and eye-catching graphic might help your postcard avoid the trash bin. When selecting a visual component, keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Select an image that emphasizes the product you’re attempting to sell. If you’re selling jewelry, for example, attach a picture of your best-selling piece. If you’re offering a service, provide a photo of a satisfied customer along with a testimonial from them.
  • Use a neutral background that draws the reader’s attention to your image rather than distracting them.
  • Keep the focus on what you’re attempting to sell by leaving some white space around the image.

Create crafty copy

The most effective postcard copy is simple and quick to scan. Keep your message brief and include the following:

  • A short and bold headline
  • Your offer and its benefits
  • A call-to-action
  • Multiple forms of contact
    • Website (s)
    • Phone number (s)
    • Maybe mailing address
    • Business application or social media platforms

Use contrasting colors

The most essential portion of your postcard is drawn to by bright, contrasting colors. Consider the words you want your consumer to notice the most—for example, a call to action or a fantastic sale—and choose a vibrant color in a distinct hue to ensure it stands out.

Add a finishing touch

The type of postcard finish you select is determined by your design.

  • Glossy coatings bring out the vibrancy of colors and make pictures stand out. Postcards with a lustrous surface are more resistant to bending and folding.
  • Matte coatings improve legibility and are ideal for postcards with a lot of text.
  • UV coating results in a high-clarity, high-gloss finish, which is ideal for image-intensive projects. Ultraviolet coatings are also abrasion-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Embossed finishes are more costly and give your object greater beauty. If you’re catering to rich clients or running a high-end business, this finish is a fantastic choice.

In short,  custom printed postcards are a timeless marketing tool that companies of all sizes and various fields can invest in to generate more sales . If you follow our advice above , a postcard campaign is bound to bring  in new business  for your growing venture.