Popular Prop Bets You Can Do for the Super Bowl LVI
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Popular Prop Bets You Can Do for the Super Bowl LVI

Prop bets are bets made by NFL fans on things you wouldn’t usually consider. This type of prop bet is what makes the Super Bowl fun. If you are watching the Super Bowl LVI with your friends, there is a high chance that you will be betting for a proposition bet to make your watch party more exciting.

There are so many things you can bet on for prop betting. If you plan to create a prop bet with your friends or through an online prop betting site, here are the top prop bets that are popular in every Super Bowl event. You might want to check these prop bets out.

Gatorade Bath Prop Bet

The Gatorade bath is the most common prop bet you will encounter during the Super Bowl LVI. It has been a tradition in the Super Bowl that the winning team will dump Gatorade on their head coach.

Because this tradition became popular, many have bet on what color the Gatorade will be dumped. You can pick from various colors like blue, orange, clear, purple, and many more.

You can also find this kind of prop bet on every Super Bowl Betting site. So, if you do not have a buddy to wager with, you can join the online community of punters and bet on what color you think the Gatorade will be this year through online betting sites.

You can also check the Super Bowl Prop Odds on these betting websites before you decide which color to bet. The prop odds for this particular fun prop bet and others will surely help you make an informed, albeit fun, wagering decision.

Coin Toss

Talking about the most popular prop bet on the Super Bowl? You wouldn’t want to miss betting the coin toss prop bet. In the Super Bowl, the road team will perform a coin toss to open the game. This season, the Rams are the road team which means that they will do the coin toss on the Super Bowl LVI.

Even though the game will be held at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Rams are declared the road team while the Bengals are named the official home team.

If you want to bet on the coin toss prop bet, you will likely encounter prop bets about who will land on heads or tails. You can also find prop bets about which team will win the coin toss or what the coin toss result will be. Would it be heads or tails? Well, no one knows. Therefore, you have to bet with your discretion and choose which one you think will be the result.

Game Props

The game props are a more serious prop bet as it focuses more on the game itself. If you love betting on game scenarios, this type of prop bet would be the best for you. You will see countless prop bets based on in-game scenarios inside the Super Bowl game.

You can find these scenarios on the sportsbooks that offer proposition betting. Some examples of in-game prop betting are as follows:

  • Which team will score first?
  • Which team will score last?
  • Who will first land a touchdown?
  • Which player will experience injury first?

In a game, many possible scenarios could happen. It is why you will also find a lot of in-game scenarios on the game props betting on any sportsbook online. You will enjoy betting on various possible scenarios this coming Super Bowl LVI.

National Anthem Props

Talking about fun, did you know that a national anthem prop bet exists? You heard it right. Even though the national anthem will be sung at the Super Bowl, it can also win you some money. This prop bet has also become a staple on prop betting every year.

You will find this prop bet on every sportsbook every year. Aside from betting on how long the national anthem will be sung at the event, you can also bet on what color the singer will wear while singing the anthem.

MVP Prop Bets

Last but not least on our list is the MVP prop bets. In this prop bet, you will have to choose which player you think will be named the MVP this season. This prop bet can be the easiest to win as you will already have a good prediction on who will take home the MVP title this year based on the player’s performance throughout the season.

If you have been closely watching the games this season, you will already know who will win the MVP. The winning player will be decided by a panel of judges via a vote at the end of the season. It’s based on the players’ performance not only on the Super Bowl game itself but throughout the entire season.

Prop Bets Are Just for Fun

Before you engage in prop betting, you should first understand that this kind of wagering is considered for fun only. You do not need to take it seriously, like wagering tons of money for a prop bet. If you want something more strategy-driven, there are other betting types where you can get serious and focus on getting your money’s worth.