Popular brands for Ping pong (Table tennis) table cover

Popular brands for Ping pong (Table tennis) table cover

In order for you to start playing the sport of table tennis, in addition to investing in the main tools such as: ping pong table, ping pong racket, table tennis, and other tools for you to practice playing. It’s important to have protective gear for your tools for the time you’re not playing. One of those is the Ping pong table cover.

So choosing the right table tennis cover to protect your table tennis table is very important. Here we will introduce to you some good brands for ping pong table cover.

Cover mates Cover

It’s ideal for guarding your out-of-door ping pong table as it’s made of marketable-grade vinyl which ensures that your table will be well defended from all that Mother Nature can throw at it. To keep it in place in high winds it has a fastener delirium to stop it from blowing down giving you peace of mind.

Not only is it great caliber with attentive features, but, they also guarantee it with a 2- time bond. But, make sure you buy the correct bone depending on how you plan to store your table when you’re not using it.

JOOLA Ping Pong Table Cover – The budget choice

Up next is our budget choice the JOOLA ping pong table cover. Being a ping pong table tennis cover it’s suitable for both inner and out-of-door use. An essential point if you plan to keep your table outside where rain and humidity can beget damage to your table.

STIGA Inner/ Out-of-door Premium Table Cover

The STIGA inner/ Out-of-door Premium is another cover made on both inner as well as out-of-door tables. That being said we wouldn’t recommend this one if you plan to leave your table outdoors all time round.

Classic Accessories Veranda Ping Pong Table Cover

It’s made of polyester with a defensive water-repellent and resistant laminated backing. This means that it’s a good option for keeping your table dry indeed in heavy rains. It’s super easy to put on as it uses a covered zip with rip-n- grip (which is like Velcro) for easy assembly. Another point we love is the strips at the bottom to tie it to the legs of the table. This stops it from blowing down in strong winds (a commodity that authentically happens if you don’t tie it down!).

Cornelia Table Cover

This cover from Dutch table tennis brand Cornelia is another good option for you to consider if you’re looking for a cover to use indoors. It’s made of feather light polyester and it’ll do a great job in keeping your table free from any dirt, dust, and scrape-free. But then a catch … It’s designed only for folded tables and you can only use it for upright designs. This cover isn’t the ideal option for you to choose as a flat cover.

LYHNMW Leak proof Table Tennis Cover

Incipiently, we have this cover from LYHNMW. It’s made from oxford polyester and is designed to be used on inner and out-of-door tables.

Which cover should you buy?

To add up, any ping pong table cover is better than no cover. It’s so important to keep it in a stylish condition. Using a cover when it’s not in use will make it last for times to come.

For us, the winner of the stylish table cover is the one from Cover mates. The combination of the high-quality accouterments, the look, and design, great reviews from other guests plus the affordable price mean that we recommend it whenever someone asks us.