Free SHS has relieved us our burden Mustapha Humeed


Manager for the Accelerated Oil and Gas Capacity (AOGC) programme and a popular member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mustapha Hameed has said that people no longer call him for school fees because of the government’s Free SHS program.

In a Facebook post sighted by Mustapha Hameed highlighted the achievement of the Nana Addo’s government and said the Free SHS has relieved burden off parents. In defending his point, he recalled a calculated he dashed out to one young man he mentored in the past. Mustapha Hameed further appealed to the government to add free calculators to the programme. He said;

“Two days ago, a young chap I mentor in a conversation told me he needed a calculator because his calculator is the small market calculator. I asked to see it, and I laughed. “You can’t be studying science with this calculator”
I got him a Casio fx 991es and sent it to through a friend via VIP Bus.

It was then that it dawned on me, that for the past two years, nobody has ever called me asking for senior high school admission fees and I don’t even remember when I had to send a penny for anyone’s school fees.

I thought about it for a while and before I could realize, my eyes were teary. For over 5 years I worked to pay fees, mostly high school of so many students. Some whom I don’t even know. I’ve had instances where from nowhere parents of kids I don’t know come to me with requests to help pay their wards’ fees. In all, I make sure I don’t pay the money to them but send someone to go pay the fees together with the students. Muntouch General is my witness, a couple of times I’d be out of town, he’s the one I send money to go pay the fees.

God bless Nana Addo for free SHS and the double track, that has ensured space for every Ghanaian child to attend senior high school. For people like myself and many others, it has lifted a heavy burden on myself such that I can also begin to invest in my personal development.

No policy has ensured distribution of state resources like the Free SHS. Thank you Nana Addo.
Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, please, let them add Casio fx-991es to the list of material next year lol. I know you’ll do it. Better still, let us find a way of building the scientific calculators here.

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