Path of Exile Tips on Reaching Level 100

Reaching level 100 is the goal for many Path of Exile players, but it’s going to take a lot of work. Besides earning as much PoE currency as you can to help your build, it’s also going to require you to gain as much experience as possible. The experience amount that you gain will differ depending on the rarity of the monsters you’re killing, what the level of the area is, and a statistic that may affect it.

Working on Your PoE Build

Having an effective build is a key component of being successful in Path of Exile. There are so many variables that go into your build, all of which will affect the speed of progress that you make through the game. Trying to figure out a build that is going to get you to PoE level 100 the fastest may be tough, but the PoE community are happy to share their PoE build requirements on a number of resourceful websites.

You’re looking for a PoE build that is going to provide you with a faster clear speed than most. Make sure, that it is as powerful as possible too, so that you can make quick work of anything that’s standing in your way. This is going to take you some time if you’re going to find a build that will help you level quickly. However, as you start making progress you will soon reap the rewards of having an efficient Path of Exile build.

Avoid Dying

There may be a lot of eye-rolling when reading the suggestion of trying to avoid death. But it is still worthy of mentioning, due to the fact that experience is lost when dying in default leagues. You won’t lose a level, but there will be percentage losses when you get past Act 6 going through to Act 10. If you’re a PvP kind of player, then you won’t have to worry about incurring any penalties where your experience is concerned.

Set Goals for Yourself

There is a lot of leveling for us to get through if we are to reach Path of Exile level 100. Though you may be looking to get there as fast as possible, which you’ll read about shortly, it might make life easier for you by setting realistic goals for you to reach. Each day that you are playing Path of Exile, set a point for you to reach that will help you to feel like you are making worthwhile progress. You might want to play until you have advanced five or ten levels, or whatever works best for you.

Managing the time you spend and reaching certain goals, however small will be a great stride towards reaching PoE level 100. If you can go beyond those goals, then great. If you fall short, maybe alter them to suit the time that you have available.

Play Fast, Play Often

There is no way of avoiding the fact that getting to Path of Exile level 100 is going to take a lot of grinding. Though you may have a pocketful of Exalted Orb and a fast clear speed, it’s still there to take up the time that you have. Even so, there are ways for us to make the most of the time that we have when playing, and getting faster is going to be a big part of it. To speed your way to PoE level 100, you need to consider your whole approach to the game. This is especially true where looting is concerned. To be as efficient as you can be, try just looting maps and currency instead.

Then we have the factor of how much time you are willing to put into the game itself. There is the simple conclusion of playing Path of Exile more often will get you to PoE level 100 faster. Keep on playing the game more, take down as many monsters as you can with the time that you’ve got, and shift your focus to high tier bosses to get the results you need.

Remember to use PoE Trade too if you’re looking for certain items to sell. By using vendors, you aren’t likely to get a good price. Though it may not affect the experience that you earn directly, it can still help you afford certain items that will get you advancing through the levels fast. Trading is a common factor of Path of Exile, and is arguably the best way for you to earn PoE currency in the entire game. Anything that will help you to reach your goal of PoE level 100 is worth taking on board.

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