Passover Hotels from Coast to Coast in the USA

Passover hotels are available from coast to coast in the United States. You can stay in hotels in Florida, Virginia, New York, New Hampshire, South Carolina and along the east coast of fly westward and stay in California and up and down the west coast.

East Coast Passover Hotels

On the East Coast you have numerous destinations to take advantage of. In Florida you can stay in Pesach friendly hotels and resorts located in:

  • Miami
  • Palm Beach
  • Orlando
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Daytona Beach
  • Aventura
  • Boca Raton
  • Weston

These are luxury resorts with spas that offer all of the amenities you want along with close proximity to local attractions. Ocean views from the balcony of your room, golf courses that are one of a kind, swimming, beach access, tennis courts, spa treatments, and live entertainment.

Children love to go to the coastal hotels on vacation because sand, surf and sun are favorite items of kids. They can spend all day building sand castles, playing in the surf, and enjoying fresh air and exercise instead of video games and Tik Tok.

There are a host of educational sites and attractions in Florida. The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami is one of the amazing destinations you do not want to miss.

California Pesach Programs

California also offers numerous hotels that are Pesach friendly. Not only are the hotels Pesach friendly, they offer specific Pesach amenities that will help you enjoy your stay even more.

The hotels with Passover programs offer programming designed to entertain kids of all ages and teens. The children who are traveling with you will not have time to get bored because there are so many different things to do each day.

The Passover programs also include lectures and religious activities led by local Rabbis so the children, and adults, can observe their sacred holiday and maintain their way of worship. Passover programs are designed to allow you to forget the cleaning and preparations it takes to have a fabulous Passover week. The hotel staff does all of the cleaning, cleansing, and preparation, and you simply kick back and enjoy the magnificent holiday.

In California you can stay in:

  • Valencia
  • Lauguna Beach
  • Palm Springs
  • San Diego
  • Newport Beach
  • Carlsbad
  • Oxnard
  • Ventura

There are plenty of things to do, things to see, and experiences to enjoy while you are staying on the west coast. The sand is white, the water is clear and the sun shines brightly the majority of the time.

Which Coast is best for a Passover Holiday?

If you are one of the people who wants plenty of sand and sun on their holiday then both Florida and California offer these things to you. The two states are both renowned for fabulous ocean views, long stretches of sandy beaches, and moonlit walks on the beach.

The main difference between Florida and California is the humidity levels. Florida has humidity levels that are far greater than the ones in California. Many people compare the humidity and atmosphere of Florida to a tropical paradise.

Higher humidity makes the temperature in Florida seem hotter than the same temperature would feel in California. The way of life in Florida is centered on the coastal location. You also cannot see the Florida Everglades in California.

If you are in Florida and want to experience the Everglades go on the kayaking tour that starts at Shingle Creek Regional Park. You will get an ip close and personal view of the rich landscape and natural flora and fauna that make up the Everglades.

California has lower humidity levels and a more diverse landscape than Florida has. California offers sand and beach style entertainment, and it also offers mountains, the Great Redwood forest and many other landscapes that you are not going to find in Florida.


Traveling in the Different States

When it comes to public transportation options Florida does not offer as many ways to travel in the cities as California does. In California there are trains, buses, cable cars and many ways to travel around the different cities using public transportation.

If you choose to go to Florida you will want to rent a car to help you get around and see the sites the state has to offer.

If you are in California then you want to take a boat tour and see the infamous Alcatraz. Go to the Hollywood Museum and while in San Diego be sure that you take a walk along La Jolla beach to see the breathtaking cliffs and tidal pools.


Final Thoughts

There are countless things to do on both coasts. If you are traveling across the United States you will find the hotels and local areas to be diverse and always entertaining. The best thing you can do it create a bucket list and take trips to both coasts on different holidays. Then compare the two and see which coast is your family favorite.