Paradise Destinations to Spend a Honeymoon

Paradise Destinations to Spend a Honeymoon

The post-wedding getaway is supposed to be one of the most memorable moments for all newlyweds. If there is a holiday people are going to ask you about regularly, then it is this one. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting and adventurous places to match every couple’s taste, whether they are looking for a place to enjoy playing games like hot spot online za darmo in a casino or simply a Zen-like location. Below we will check out some of the best paradise destinations for a memorable honeymoon experience. 

  • Fiji

Fiji is a breathtaking island and part of Melanesia in the South Pacific. With 330 islands, beautiful coral reefs, and palm-fringed sandy beaches, Fiji is an ideal honeymoon destination. Couples can enjoy traditional Fijian dishes such as roro, explore Yasawa Islands, go scuba diving, experience the kava ceremony, and more. There are also tons of excellent island resorts where you can enjoy stunning sceneries during your stay.

  • Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a dream destination for most couples, thanks to the cobalt blue waters and tons of activities. While in Seychelles, honeymooners can engage in exciting things to do such as visiting coral gardens, snorkelling with sharks, biking adventures, hanging out in Matira Beach, go on a jeep tour, Hike up Mount Pahia, go on a helicopter ride, help take care of sea turtles, and spend your time in an overnight bungalow. 

  • Tahiti 

Tahiti is the largest island found in the French Polynesian. It is indeed the perfect paradise destination for newlyweds as it offers a little bit of everything. Enjoy a tropical cocktail drink while basking at your preferred resort or perhaps engage in other thrilling adventures such as surfing, hiking in Mount Aori, Fautaua waterfall, sightseeing at Papenoo Valley, and so much more. 

  • St Lucia

St Lucia is a picturesque island with a warm tropical climate, stunning sceneries, iconic mountains, and beautiful palm-fringed beaches. You can indulge in total romance and relaxation as you de-stress yourselves by enjoying a spa treatment or massage, explore the island and go zip-lining, explore marine life together, and sip champagne on a sunset cruise. 

  • Hawaii

If you are searching for a chill and luring paradise destination where you can enjoy epic adventures with your special someone, Hawaii is a great choice. You can take a road trip on the island, go for a couples massage, visit a Hawaii winery, cosy up in a private pool cabana, listen to Hawaiian music, and swim with the dolphins.

  • The Maldives

The Maldives are possibly the most romantic destination for just-married couples. You can enjoy candle-lit dinners, poolside yoga, sunset cruises, go swimming or snorkelling, and massages. 

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  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

For those who are searching for more out of the ordinary, Zanzibar in Tanzania can make an exceptional honeymoon destination. Get to enjoy local cuisine, go on a guided wildlife and nature tour, enjoy an unforgettable ocean safari through a dhow, and learn about local traditional activities. 

  • Diani, Kenya

If you are looking forward to enjoying a mixture of activities on your honeymoon, then Diani Kenya is the place to be. Diani is located along the Kenyan coast and is 19km from Mombasa. You can enjoy plenty of activities with your special one such as boat rides, scuba diving, snorkelling, skydiving, windsurfing, go on a visit to Shimba Hills where you can see elephants, leopards, sable antelope, buffalo, birds, and other wildlife animals, enjoy a relaxing massage, experience the nightlife, and more.

These paradise destinations are excellent places to start when you are planning your honeymoon. Just do not forget to check if they offer your preferred accommodation facility and suit your budget.