OSRS Fastest Ranged Training Method

Getting your skills up to speed certainly has its benefits in OSRS. The game offers you three different forms of combat to approach your enemies with, one of which is ranged. This is a favourable option for many players, and can be crucial in the heat of battle. Whilst OSRS gold does come in handy to help you get certain OSRS items for sale that can be very beneficial, knowing the best ways to level up your ranged skill can truly make a difference.

Start Out with Questing

Here we are, starting out at level 1 of our ranged skill. Our first port of call will be questing. There are a few key quests that we can complete that will boost our ranged skill to take us all the way up to level 32. These include both Death to the Dorgeshuun and Horror from the Deep. You can also complete Shadow of the Storm and put the experience reward that you receive into your ranged skill.

The Dwarf Multicannon

An alternative to this would be to use the dwarf multicannon. This is going to be your best bet for getting to level 45 as quickly as possible. The multicannon is available to you once you have finished the Dwarf Cannon quest.
When you consider the amount of damage that you get from the cannon, it’s going to be a really effective weapon from range. Granite cannonballs can do up to 35 damage, which is very effective when playing against the lower levels. That said, it can start o become quite expensive when having to buy cannonballs all the time. Though it is the fastest method, it would be understandable if you were looking for OSRS gold for sale to get to level 45 as fast as you can.

Reaching 99 with Maniacal Monkeys

There is a method in which you can be thrown chinchompas at maniacal monkeys. This is known as chinning, and is the fastest technique of training ranged in the entirety of Old School Runescape. However, you may want to look into finding a place where you can buy OSRS gold, as it is costly for you to use. To find maniacal monkeys, you need to go to Ape Atoll where you’ll visit Kruk’s Dungeon. This will require you to have started the second chapter of the lengthy Monkey Madness II quest before you can access it.
The way forward is to be utilising the equipment that you have that will benefit your ranged approach the most, as well as your prayer bonuses too. Having Void Knight equipment is going to help as well, thanks to the damage boost that you get from using it. If you have finished off the hard tasks from the Morytania Diary and have level 70 prayer, then you can use a bonecrusher necklace to get your prayer points back.
How much experience you receive is scaled to the ranged level you’re at, and the equipment that you are using. Once you’ve hit level 45, the fastest way to gain experience in the whole game is using the grey chinchompas. The amount of XP you get increases further 10 levels later when you switch to red chinchompas. At level 65, with black chinchompas, you can earn over half a million experience points every hour.

The Nightmare Zone

If you don’t want to be chinning the maniacal monkeys up to 99, then you can switch to the Nightmare Zone once you reach level 70. This is one of the better AFK methods that are available for training your ranged skill. You can take 20 minutes away without having to use the client with the normal customisable rumble setup for the zone. Once this time is up, you will then stop attacking monsters.
The highest rate of experience can be achieved when using the toxic blowpipe in the Nightmare Zone. But as you will have already noticed, there are some very expensive methods when levelling ranged. The toxic blowpipe method is one of these pricey techniques, so it’s not necessarily the option you should take unless you have plenty of OSRS gp.
You will be able to become quite the force by reaching level 99 in ranged, but it does come at a price if you want to get there fast. Players may choose to find OSRS gold for sale in order to help them to achieve their goals. Otherwise, the alternatives are going to take up a lot of your time. But if you have the OSRS gold to do it, then you shouldn’t have any issues racing all the way to the max level in your ranged skill.
Have you maxed out your OSRS ranged skill? Let us know in the comments section below!