One shot dead after attack on police

One person has been shot dead after residents of Choggu Manayili in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale attacked police officers on Wednesday.

The Chief of the area called on the police to rescue a suspected thief who was about to be lynched.

The residents who saw the police coming then turned their anger toward the police for attempting to rescue to the suspected thief.

The attack on true police left the officers with no other option than to fire a warning shot to dippers the angry mob which unfortunately, a stray bullet hit one person who were part of the mob.

The Northern Regional Crime Officer, Chief Superintendent Otuo Acheampong who narrated the incident, said the residents had tied the suspect with robes and were about the kill him, after they were caught with some cattle that they allegedly stole from the community.

“They had succeeded in rescuing the suspected thief into the police van. And then the irate mob which had wanted to lynch him before the arrival of the police started to even to snatch the suspect from the police, and people started…even they fired and  missiles were thrown at the  police, and even one of the officers was hit in the hand”.

Superintendent Acheampong said, the victim was believed to have been hit by a stray bullet after the police fired warning shots in response to the attack by the mob.

He was hit in the stomach and rushed to the Tamale Teaching hospital and later pronounced dead, the Crime Officer continued.