On Quartz Movements: Proper Maintenance And Its Benefits Explained

On Quartz Movements: Proper Maintenance And Its Benefits Explained

Ever since Seiko introduced quartz-powered watches to the world in 1969, ushering a so-called “Quartz Crisis” that lasted almost two decades, the horology world has never been the same. Although quartz watches first ruffled the feathers of the haute horology folks in Europe (especially Switzerland), the naysayers and hardcore traditionalist watchmakers have since softened their stance and adapted to the new development in watchmaking technology. Furthermore, quartz watch technology has continued to evolve and innovate, evident in contemporary examples such as solar-powered watches and timepieces. As they are essentially battery-powered watches, quartz watches are less fussy than mechanical ones, but they still need to be properly maintained and handled with care. Here’s how you can properly maintain yours and why you should do so:

Quartz Watches and Proper Maintenance

1. Change a dead battery as soon as you can.

The battery sends electricity through an integrated circuit to the quartz crystal, shaped like a tuning fork. So when the time comes to change the watch’s battery, be sure to do so as soon as possible. Dead batteries will leak, and extensive service is always required to clean the watch or timepiece up. Fortunately, battery changes are simple enough for any horology enthusiast, regardless of skill level.

2. Proper storage is key.

There are storage boxes tailor-made for watches and timepieces online and in physical stores. Find the right one to keep your favorite time-telling companions safe and free from any bumps or scratches when they’re not being worn on your wrist.

3. Get them serviced regularly.

Like all watches and timepieces, quartz watches also need to be serviced. However, because its movement has fewer parts, there’s less to keep in working order, and professional service is only needed once every ten years. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to check a watch brand or manufacturer’s service policy first.

4. Don’t try anything at home!

It is strongly recommended that you never open your quartz watch yourself, even if it’s made of durable Seiko mod parts. If you do, you’ll risk exposing the sensitive movement to dust or moisture and cause more harm to your watch than good. Also, if your watch is in real need of a repair or a more specialized service, don’t try to do it yourself. Just leave it to the experts. Seriously.

Benefits of a Properly Maintained Quartz Movement

  • The time is always accurate.

Did you know that a quartz crystal always oscillates at the same frequency? Moreover, quartz watches have less sensitive moving parts inside them than mechanical watches, which mitigates the need for repair. However, the natural rhythm of your quartz watch is dependent on how well-maintained your watch is. If it is, then it’s guaranteed that superior time-telling accuracy will always be a wrist’s glance away.

  • You save more!

Quartz watches are battery-powered, require fewer parts, and have no need for the haute horology handling of their delicate mechanical counterparts. Additionally, despite needing a battery replacement every one to two years, you don’t need to worry about winding it the right way or any other type of manual tinkering to ensure it keeps running. As a result, quartz watches can be very resilient and last for a lifetime. All in all, a properly maintained quartz watch is a more affordable product and smart style investment.