Ohio Senate race: Gibbons launches fresh ad blitz to show people what it's like to work behind the scenes

Ohio Senate race: Gibbons launches fresh ad blitz to show people what it’s like to work behind the scenes

Micheal Gibbons wants to show Ohioans a glimpse of his Senate campaign from behind the scenes.

A second-time Senate candidate from Cleveland, Gibbons is a businessman, real estate developer, and investment banker who is running to replace retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman. He is using an innovative new digital ad campaign that follows him as he travels the state on his campaign van.

First seen on Fox News Wednesday, Gibbons’ campaign has released a series of digital ads highlighting his bus trip, which began in January.

“Today marks the beginning of our four-month journey through Ohio’s 88 counties. We’re going to do all we can to find the truth. We intend to meet as many people as possible “Gibbons begins the commercial by saying thus.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet Gibbons in person or participate in an interview or debate, the six-figure advertising campaign is designed to give viewers an impression of who he is as a person and where he stands on the issues.

“A businessman, that’s me. No, I’m not an elected official. In my heart, I’m a Constitutionalist conservative. I’m not a fan of catchphrases. Facts and logic are what I deal with “This is Gibbons’s opening commercial. “We have too many politicians who are afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing a few votes or changing the perception of their image.. There is no doubt in my mind that I will tell you the truth no matter what.”

In addition to Josh Mandel, a former Ohio treasurer and two-time Senate candidate, and best-selling author and venture capitalist J.D. Vance, former Ohio GOP chair Jane Timken, whose husband is the former chairman, CEO, and president of his family’s steel manufacturing corporation, and Ohio state senator Matt Dolan, Gibbons is one of the leading contenders in the race for the Senate seat.

One poll taken March 2-6 found Gibbons at 22%, followed by Mandel (20%), Vance (11%), Timken (9%), Dolan (7%), with almost one-quarter of those questioned uncertain (Fox News poll).

Since Friday, when he and Mandel came close to exchanging blows in the first debate of the top five Republican contenders, Gibbons has gained national attention. Viral video of a near-physical altercation outside of Columbus swiftly spread around the world wide web

Ad spending is surging in a primary campaign where virtually all of the main competitors have personal riches or are supported by well-funded outside groups. Gibbons’ new purchase is the latest evidence of this trend.”

Data from the national ad-tracking business AdImpact shows that the Republican primary has already spent $38.5 million on advertising, with Gibbons spending $11.71 million of the total.

On the national level, only Pennsylvania’s Senate election is more costly in terms of ad expenditure.

It is presently planned on May 3, but a dispute over redistricting might compel the state legislature to postpone the primary.