NYC Mayor Eric Adams is questioning his city’s sense of public safety after a 43% surge in crime.

According to Adams, the “perception” of safety in the city is “equally as powerful as the fact.”

A recent interview with Mayor Eric Adams revealed that crime in the Big Apple had climbed by 43 percent year-to-date when compared to the same period in the previous year.

The abuse Adams suffered at the hands of police officers when a boy in the 103rd Precinct station house in New York City resulted in him becoming a police officer, who then went on to act as an advocate for police reform.

For those New Yorkers who fear that the city is “on a downward spiral,” Adams shared his opinion on the recent subway shooting that injured 29 people, including 10 people who were shot.

He noted in an interview that aired Sunday that “we’ve moved 1,800 weapons off the streets of our city since I was elected, 1,800.” When it comes to the immediate demands of dealing with violence, we’re also striving to prevent adolescents from becoming involved in it by putting in place a foundation.

As of April 17, overall crime in New York City has grown by 43 percent year-to-date compared to the same period last year. The number of crimes committed in all other sectors save murder has climbed over the past year, according to the latest statistics.

Adams added that local residents “got so enraged” that they “turned the ship too far in the wrong direction” in the wake of claims of “abusive police” in the city and across the country.