NPP Primaries: Vigilante Groups and Macho men will face the full rigorous of the law if.. – NPP Minister

Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah has sent a piece of advice to vigilante groups and Macho men who always foment trouble during and after elections.

According to the Chairman of the Ashanti Regional Security Committee, Vigilante Groups and Macho men will face the full rigorous of the law if they try to cause any kind of commotion at Election Centres the NPP party is holding it Primaries.

“We have security services that will police the elections; they include the police service who are the lead security service and they will be supported by the army, fire services, prisons, immigration and customs, who will also provide personnel to support.

“We don’t need any vigilante group from anywhere. So, if you are a macho man or who you are, we don’t need anyone. Secondly, we don’t need any motorbike around the polling station or in the immediate surroundings. We don’t want anything that will bring confusion”, Mr. Osei Mensah mentioned on an Accra based radio station.

“Let me warn that we don’t want anyone to carry a gun or pistol on him/her because if the security services apprehend you, they will arrest you and deal with you as the law stipulates. So, I advise that no one should carry any weapon.”

He then cautioned delegates to adhere  to safety guidelines the Electoral Commission will put in place.

“The times we are in is not a good period. The measures the President and his team have implemented to fight the COVID-19, we should adhere to. When you get there and they ask you to wash your hands, don’t behave as if you are a ‘guy guy’ or the only sensible person. There is no guy guy issue, don’t say do you know me…who are you, wash your hands. The disease doesn’t know who is he or who you are, it can infect anybody, it can infect the President, it can infect watchmen, it can infect a cleaner. When you get to the polling station, allow the officers to exhibit all the necessary practices.” He stated.

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