Notes On Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What all non-medical treatments are available for erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction) that aren’t covered by a medical condition? In many cases, diet and exercising can improve blood flow and increase erections naturally. This treatment was widely accepted and used since the late 1980s in most cases.

For many men, the only way to get an erection is to use a penile pump or pharmaceutical erection aid pill. Even in these cases, medical treatment isn’t necessary. But what about ED, which isn’t a medical condition? Can I still have it treated naturally?

The answer is, of course, yes. ED is actually a side effect of many medications, especially prescription ones. And as a side effect, it can cause heart disease. A recent study confirmed this finding.

Doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes erectile dysfunction. It’s believed that some people suffer from the condition as a result of a chemical imbalance in their bodies; others suffer from the condition as a side effect of certain drugs. Whatever the cause, the condition is treatable, and can be cured with the right treatment.

ED is treatable. But it’s not a condition that will just go away if you just ignore it. Even doctors recognize that fact. There are lifestyle changes you can make to treat this condition on your own. And doctors recommend that their patients who suffer from this condition see their doctors regularly and follow a personalized treatment plan.

Among the treatment options doctors recommend for patients with erectile dysfunctions, the most effective are drugs like Viagra or Cialis. These drugs don’t just work by directing blood to the penis. They also target the dysfunction; by widening the blood vessels in the penis. This allows more blood to reach the erectile tissues, and thus allows the penis to erect and maintain an erection.

Another treatment option doctors recommend for patients with erectile dysfunction is a combination of natural herbs. Erectile dysfunction is believed to be caused by a lack of natural substances in the body. These substances are called “erectogens.” A variety of herbal extracts are used to combat the eroding effects of erectogens on the body.

The ideal treatment would combine prescription medication (like Viagra or Cialis) with natural herbal supplements to maximize its effectiveness. The ideal supplement would give the body ingredients that allow it to do what it’s supposed to do: increase blood flow to the penis so an erection can be maintained. Natural ingredients also mean minimal side effects.

Men in my clinic ask about penile implants first. Many say they heard about it on television. I ask them how often they actually visit their doctor to ask about this treatment. Surprisingly, most respond ” seldom.” In fact, only 20% of my patients who ask about this condition see a doctor for this ailment specifically.

Another frequent question I hear is how erectile dysfunction medications affect their sex life. Many men believe their sexual performance will be negatively affected if they take erectile medications. Nothing I tell them is conclusive. Ask your doctor or research the medication to see how it might interact with other medications you’re taking, or perhaps ask for advice on whether it would be a good choice for you.

Finally, many men ask me if their treatment will be covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, not every case is covered. Talk to your health insurance provider. Also, inquire with your doctor about coverage if your treatment entails surgery. While it is true that many erectile dysfunction treatment plans do include surgery, you may have to pay more for the treatment if you need it.

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused by low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can be treated with testosterone replacement supplements. These supplements are designed specifically for men with decreased testosterone levels. Because they are synthetic, however, they can cause some serious side effects like joint pain, acne, and other problems. Ask your doctor or health care provider if he can recommend a natural testosterone booster.

Other erectile dysfunction treatments may involve medications used to treat another health condition, such as diabetes. Commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction medications for diabetes include niacin, folic acid, and Viagra. Niacin affects the genitals and cardiovascular system. Folic acid is used to treat birth defects and cancer. Viagra works by widening blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood to fill the penis when an erection is achieved. Your doctor can recommend which medication he believes would be best for your condition. Search for “erectile dysfunction treatment near me” to find the nearest treatment center, and get back your healthy lifestyle with a course the medical attention that is right for you.