There are Nigerians in Ghana’s Police Service – A Nigerian professor reveals

Nigerian Professor

A Nigerian Professor lecturing in English at the University of Ghana has made a shocking revelation about the Ghana police service and how Nigerians have infiltrated the service against the requirements stipulated in the 1992 constitution of Ghana.

According to the lectuer who was addressing Nigerians at a forum in Ghana, Nigerians are well placed in powerful positions of power in Ghana but “Sadly Nigerians are not taking advantage of it”.

The professor was speaking about the bad image Nigerians hold in Ghana and how the belief that most Nigerians in Ghana are criminals can be changed.

According to the English professor, Nigerians lack strategy and that is the main thing giving Ghanaians the impression that they are criminals. According to him, “Nigerians are as bad as the next community and as good as the next community”.

He went on to reveal that aside from the fact that there are Nigerian lecturers holding positions in Ghanaian universities, the Ghana Police service which is mandated to recruit only Ghanaians have Nigerians in the system whom they (Nigerians) can use to their advantage.

He recounted an encounter he had with Nigerian Ghanaian Police officer on the Winneba road and how he easily spotted the police officer as a Nigerian based on his “accent and the key things you used to identify where somebody comes from”.

Addressing the Nigerians gathered, the Nigerian professor who identified himself as an English Professor at the University of Ghana said:

…we are not respected here (Ghana), with all due respect. The two professors at our faculty are Nigerians, they are likely to leave at the end of the year. They are already appealing: “can you get us more Nigerians”?

We have these but we are not respected because we do not take advantage of our facilities. So this is what we do; That is where come. We are highly skilled and bless people but many at times we lack strategy. Nigerians turn to lack strategy.

You can have good skills but if you do not let people know what you have it dies. It’s like having a factory full of items in the warehouse; if you don’t advertise it remains in the warehouse.

They have harassed us a lot, I know that. I was walking on the road; that day I was driving. I had my work out things in the car. Ghanaian police took my dumbells and walked into his car and said he has taken it.

A colleague was with me and he said what do we do? I said leave that let me urinate and come back. I said (To the police officer), go and bring it from your car and down to this car and he did.

But I can tell you something; from his accent, I am a professor of English, he is Ghanaian Police office but from his accent, I can bet my life he is a Nigerian. I can bet my life from his accent he is a Nigerian. He is a Ghanaian Police officer but he is a Nigerian.

The key things you used to identify where somebody comes from, all of them!, The Nigerian professor lecturing English at the University of Ghana added.

Nigerian professor at the university of Ghana

In every criminal activity in Ghana which always gained the nation’s attention, at least 2 or 3 Nigerians are involved in the activity or are solely responsible for the act.

Currently, the only lead the Ghana Police in the kidnapping of the 3 missing Takoradi girls is a Nigerian, Samuel Udoetuk Wills who is in custody and has confessed to the crime. But he is refusing to give the location of the missing girls.

Source: GhPage