Nigerian Professor finds cure for Coronavirus

Nigerian Professor finds cure for Coronavirus

Nigeria’s alternative medicine practitioner, Prof. Joseph Akpa has claimed he has the cure to the deadly Coronavirus disease.

He made this known during a recent press conference.

He indicated that he had already made energy health medicines and these medicines are superficially meant to boost the human immune system.

He also added that there are others he has made that are meant to directly attack the virus to ensure 100 per cent successful cure.

During his submission, he said;

“I will challenge any health institution or agency to bring any known case of coronavirus to me and see how it will disappear within few days.

Nigerian Professor finds cure for Coronavirus

If the Permanent Secretary of Enugu State Ministry of Health or the State Government approaches me to cure any of the known cases of Coronavirus in the state I will voluntarily do so without attaching any condition to it.

I thank God for using me to find the cure to a disease that is already threatening to wipe out the whole earth.

These people during their meditation engage in what is known as Astral Travelling in which the spirit leaves the body and travel to these planets to probe what is there and at times steal certain substances which they bring back to the earth.

So be that some of these unworthy activities of the human beings affected the planet Mercury and in reaction now sends the deadly radiations of the coronavirus to the earth,” he said.

Finally, however, I will teach you, journalists, some self-protective habits and also give each of you a bottle of Immunity Enhancement.

Before ending this briefing I like to inform you that all the planets have also their positive effects on human beings here on earth, you can find this in many of my works.”