New Ghana Versus Students Politics: Firdaus the charming beauty


Firdaus the charming beauty

In the third year of Addo Dankwa as the president of the Republic of Ghana, some remarkable events were enshrined in the world’s political history books.

It was at the time the populist Donald Trump became the President of United States of America; Emmanuel Macron, that of France, and Boris Johnson, the firebrand Brexitier, who vowed heaven and earth to take his Kingdom  out of a body in Europe – European Union (EU); succeeded Theresa May as the Premier of Britain.

 Trump  and Macron

Not only  the mentioned politicians are the ones that shook the foundations of our world’s polity. Despite that Donald Trump, without any political background, saddled with scandals, trolled as dimwitted and mentally unstable, led the Republicans to the White house at the exit of Barack Obama as a president;

Barack Obama

Emmanuel Macron, whose marriage to a woman he Juniors for about three decades, without riding on the wings of any of the mainstream French political parties became a president; and Boris Johnson, as one who could be called “Europhobic”, for his determination to divorce by all means his Kingdom’s marriage with the other twenty-seven nations in the European Union;

 Boris Johnson

There was also the demise of a Saint, Robert Mugabe who freed and led Zimbabwe for more than three decades, and was mourned by young and old globally, they that adored his exemplary leadership.

Robert Mugabe

There was also Addo Dankwa calling all Africans in the Diaspora to come back home in the Republic of Ghana that he leads, a call for an exodus he termed: “The Year of Return”.

Addo Dankwa (m) and his friends

There was also a Lord who with determination left a luxurious life he lived in Madina to build from ashes his wrecked Kingdom in Goka, and met her match in a princess called Firdaus, Firdaus Mohammed.

    The Lord

The others are of different thoughts and social standing, we only mentioned them to give a proper dating to our story. We’ll only touch on their matter when the Lord and the Princess Firdaus are taken care of in this our historic tale.

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Not only were the two, the Princess and the Lord, shared enviable qualities in beauty, charming, oratory skills and love for humanity. They shared also, on equal measure, determination, a zeal, the burning desire that is required in the 21st century leadership, that builds what befits mankind’s status. So, all the time, in their response to doubting Thomases who pessimistically question their ability to execute their chosen careers, they answer as: “where determination exists, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success”.

And truly, like the odd ones mentioned; the Trumps, the Macrons, the Borises, and with their darkhorse-triumph in their chosen careers; the lord started erecting the fallen walls of his Kingdom, and the Princess Firdaus, leading a student body.

The Princess Firdaus, her leadership qualities, if approved at the vetting and elected by the Ghana Union of Students to lead their International Relations as a secretary, the Union will reflect the new Ghana, the Paradise prayed for, and not different from the Kingdom the Lord is building.

For carrying her determination campaign to the electorates, the Princess, with  Queens’ diastima in her upper front teeth, a threadlike-neck, and a trademark smile that reveals her dimples and the eye-catching white teeth; she promises not only would her leadership at the helm cement students’ interest in the International Relations Office in the Union, but her beauty too would be the magic that get things done.

Princess Firdaus: beauty and excellence.

And,  indeed, the Princess Firdaus, not as described earlier only, the qualities she possesses, even for the first-timers who behold her, she is comparable to the beautiful Princess Diana, whose marriage to Prince Charles, the heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth II, revitalised the waning love and lustre for the Buckingham palace. And for that matter, students’ vote for the Princess Firdaus as their leader, and with her matching qualities with Diana, the Princess of Wales; makes it a sure bet for them when they apply for passports and student’s Visa.


     Princess Diana

Her charming beauty that matches with her wits and determination is assuring that: securing scholarships for deserving students to study home and abroad would meet less impediments as seen in Cleopatra using her beauty to secure and rule to glory, Egypt, a Kingdom that was conquered by the Roman soldier, Ceaser.


With her determination to assemble Ghanaian students home and abroad, organising programmes that will encourage the sharing of diverse cultural norms; the ticket of Miss Firdaus Mohammed would no doubt in yonder represent the blueprint, the benchmark that moves students’ Unions, the new Paradise Ghana deserves, and the new Kingdom the Lord builds.

Not only born with leadership qualities in them, as in the Lord and the Princess Firdaus holding leadership positions from the days of their basic education to the level they’ve reached, the burning desire, the unquenchable determination with which they are approaching the building processes they’ve started, would be synonymous with the New Ghana Versus Students Politics.

 The Princess Firdaus

Where the New Ghana would be seen in how better the Lord has built his Kingdom, harnessing human and natural resources to make it a pilgrims’ pride.

And the Students Politics would have the great works of the Princess Firdaus as their shining example, a litmus test for student leadership for centuries to come.

Such and what followed behind the scenes coined the adage: “the Lord met her match in Princess Firdaus”.

In truth, much would not be said about the Lord, but the Princess.

The Princess in our narration is Miss Firdaus Mohammed.

A student politician vying for National Union of Ghana Students’ International Relations Secretary.

She finished University of Education, Mampong Campus.

Before throwing her heart into this contest, as a born leader who rests not on her oars, she’s been a school perfect, and a Women’s Commissioner for the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS).

Though fictional, but Miss Firdaus Mohammed is not an inch from the description given to the Princess Firdaus in our earlier tale, and her laid down plans.

Stand for Firdaus as the sure bet, she represents what you seek in the IR Office as a secretary. With her determination, she’ll chauffeur you to the promised land.


Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111

Email: [email protected]