NeoBux Review - Making Money Online However Is It Worth It?

NeoBux Review: Can You Make Money Online With It?

NeoBux is also a way of making money online. However, my question is that how much money and is it worth it?  NeoBux is a paid-to-click online site by watching advertisements. You can also take surveys and play online games.

How does NeoBux work?

As earlier discussed, It is a paid-to-click online site. Advertisers use this platform as a way of making many people view their ads. It is also known as “Get-Paid-To” Service.

After viewing the advertisement, users get paid in their accounts. Users can also take surveys and play online games to get paid.

On the other hand, users can also do ‘direct referrals’ or ‘rent referrals’. Direct referrals mean inviting people yourself through friends or social media sites that  users, can buy other users and make commissions. Rent referrals however is when users, can buy other people and make commissions.

Users can also use the ‘rent referrals’. That means users can hire people to work for you and get commissions. One needs big numbers of rented referrals for it to be worth it. Depending on your membership is how many rented referrals you can have.
NeoBux Review - Making Money Online However Is It Worth It?

How can you earn money from NeoBux?

NeoBux is legit and not a scam. Therefore you can
1. You can view advertisements: Different types of ads are available for viewing. The payment is small so users need to view a lot of them.
2. You can complete offers to earn a few coins.
3. There are different mini-jobs available, one needs to subscribe to them to earn money.
4. Getting Referrals is also a good way to earn money.  Users can send the referral link to their friends or use social media networks to get more people to sign up for the account.

Features of NeoBux

a. You can register for free.
b. You will get paid as you click.
c. You can do withdrawal anytime you want.
d. You can do other mini-jobs like surveys.
e. You need to complete quizzes to earn more money.

NeoBux Competitors

NeoBux is the leading PTC (pay-to-click) site therefore it has many competitors. Some of them are:

I. ySense

ii. Buxvertise

iii. Clixten

iv. Paidverts

v. Donkey Mails and other PTC sites.
NeoBux site has two basic membership levels. That is the standard level which is the free registration and the golden level. Once users have enough referrals, they can upgrade to the golden.
Earning a lot of money from NeoBux is being consistent with the site and trying to get as many referrals as possible. NeoBux is not a scam, it is a legit site that pays. It is worth it however, one needs to be consistent to earn a lot of money.