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The Mysterious Island is a British television series that aired on ITV from 1971 to 1972. It was based on the novel by Jules Verne. The Mysterious Island TV Series Episode List follows the adventures of a group of castaways who are stranded on a mysterious island. They must use all their ingenuity and courage to survive the perils of the island, which include pirates, giant beasts, and strange phenomena.

The series starred Gary Cooper, Richard Basehart, Michael Craig, and Honor Blackman. The storyline has been modified and updated to several different movies and episodes in the modern age.

Here is a list of the episodes for the Mysterious Island tv series released in 1995:

Season 1 of Mysterious Island TV Series

– Episode One: Genesis

In the final days of the Civil War, a Union captain, a freed slave, a reporter, and a family of man, wife, and son, escape from the Confederates in a stolen balloon that drifts across America and finally deposits them on a Pacific island. Their story is one of determination and survival against all odds. The Union captain is a brave and resourceful leader, the freed slave is a skilled tracker and hunter, the reporter is an experienced outdoorsman, and the family is sturdy pioneers.

Together, they use all their knowledge and skills to stay alive in the hostile environment. Despite the many challenges they face, they never give up hope of being rescued and eventually make it back to civilization. Their story is an inspiration to us all

– Episode Two: Down Under

In Season 1 and Episode 2 of the Mysterious Island TV Series List, the island was like nothing they had ever seen before. It was green and lush, with tall trees and brightly colored flowers. The air was warm and humid, and the sun shone down from a clear blue sky. But there was something strange about the island, something that made Harding and his companions feel uneasy.

They soon learned that the island was volcanic in origin and that it was prone to earthquakes. They also discovered that it was inhabited by a strange force or power that was characterized by a green light. This force or power seemed to be responsible for the strange events that were taking place on the island. Harding and his companions were forced to confront this power, and they soon realized that it was more powerful than they could possibly imagine.

– Episode Three: Safe Haven

Gideon is partially buried by a rockslide of suspicious origin, and Harding creates an explosion using improvised gunpowder to free him. Later, Neb stumbles into a cave which the castaways decide to turn into a residence: Granite House.

The cave is spacious and dry, with a good supply of freshwater from a stream running through it. It also has a storeroom that is stocked with provisions, including guns and ammunition.

The castaways are able to make themselves comfortable in Granite House and even add some Luxuries, such as beds and chairs. However, they are always aware that the outside world exists and that they may one day need to leave their cozy home behind.

– Episode Four: White Water

The castaways were overjoyed when they found the chest full of carpentry tools and navigation instruments. It was just the inspiration they needed to build a boat. They quickly got to work, using the tools to fashion a sturdy vessel.

For a sail, they would use the cloth from their balloon, which they found tangled in a tree. With hard work and determination, they soon had a boat that was seaworthy enough to take them back to civilization.

It was an amazing accomplishment, and it gave them hope that they would soon be rescued. Thanks to the discovery of the chest, they had been able to turn their dreams into reality.

– Episode Five: A Death in the Family

When the castaways find the note in the bottle, they know that they are not alone on the island. The message is from a man named Ayrton, who has been stranded on the island for six years.

The castaways are hesitant to trust Ayrton, but they know that they need his help to get off the island. One of the castaways is bitten by a snake, and Ayrton says that he can help. The castaway dies, and Ayrton disappears. The other castaways are now even warier of him, but they know that they need his help to get off the island.

– Episode Six: Love Thy Neighbour

The castaways have been on the island for weeks now, and tensions are running high. There have been several mysterious goat killings, and suspicion has fallen on the mute, bearded hermit who lives in a secluded part of the island.

The castaways have tried to talk to him, but he remains aloof and unresponsive. Some of them are convinced that he’s the killer, but others suspect that there’s someone else on the island.

The situation came to a head when one of the castaways found a knife near the hermit’s dwelling. The castaway confronted him, but he still refused to speak. Suspicion and mistrust are growing among the group, and it’s only a matter of time before someone

– Episode Seven: All That Glitters

The castaways were surprised when pirates landed on the island. The pirates were looking for buried treasure, and their arrival prompted the release of new and disturbing information about the hermit, Ayrton.

Ayrton had been hiding a dark secret: he was actually a pirate himself. The pirates now saw the castaways as a potential source of information about the location of the buried treasure. The castaways were terrified of the pirates and did not want to cooperate.

However, they had no choice but to go along with the pirates’ demands. The situation was fraught with danger and everyone was on edge. It was clear that the pirates would not hesitate to use force if necessary. In the end, the castaways were able to escape.

– Episode Eight: The Price of Vengeance

The pirate, Cutler, is the sole survivor of a mysterious explosion on board his ship. He washes up on the island and immediately begins to wreak havoc.

He grazes Herbert with a bullet and shoots Jack with a poison dart before his reign of terror is finally brought to an end. Throughout his reign of terror, Cutler remains calm and collected, never losing his cool or faltering in his resolve.

This makes him all the more dangerous and makes it all the more difficult for the others to stop him. In the end, however, they are successful in stopping Cutler and preventing any further damage from being done.

– Episode Nine: The Phantom’s Lair

Gideon Spilett was a seasoned explorer, but even he was taken aback when he found himself in an underwater chamber, talking to a mysterious Phantom.

It was clear that the Phantom was the one who had been leading them on their journey, and it was also clear that he had some kind of connection to the island.

However, Gideon was not prepared for what he saw next: a young black woman whom he took to be a savage cannibal. It was only when she spoke that he realized she was not the monster he had thought she was, but an intelligent and compassionate person.

In the end, Gideon realized that the Phantom was not a dangerous individual, but someone who could help them find their way back to Granite House.

– Episode Ten: It Should Be an Englishman

Harding returns from his meeting with the Phantom to find that a party of “cannibals” has landed on the island.

They quickly take hostages, including the young woman who confronted Gideon. The situation rapidly deteriorates, and soon the castaways are fighting for their lives. The “cannibals” finally depart, refusing to take the castaways with them. Harding is left to ponder what to do next, knowing that the castaways are now in grave danger.

– Episode Eleven: No One Rules Me

As the days passed, the castaways began to feel the strain of their situation. With no fresh water to drink, they were forced to ration their limited supplies, and tempers began to fray. Harding, in particular, seemed to be under a great deal of stress.

He became increasingly paranoid and delusional, and he began to suspect that Herbert was hoarding water. Herbert did his best to calm Harding down, but the situation was becoming untenable.

Then, one day, Herbert made a discovery that would change everything. While walking along the beach, he found a letter written in Latin. The only word he could make out was “Nemo,” but he had a feeling that this was somehow significant. He showed the letter to Harding, and

– Episode Twelve: He’s Not Heavy

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– Episode Thirteen: Make Yourselves a Home

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– Episode Fourteen: First Impressions Are Skin Deep

– Episode Fifteen: Gideon’s Tale

– Episode Fifteen: Last Rites of Spring

– Episode Seventeen: Labours Lost

A storm is coming and it’s bad news for Cyrus Harding. The beloved patriarch of the family is injured and Joanna, who is pregnant with Jack’s child, is terrified that she will die in childbirth as her mother and sister did.

Nemo will do everything in his power to protect Joanna and her baby, even if it means putting his own life at risk. This is a heart-wrenching story of love, loss, and hope against all odds.

– Episode Eighteen: The Visitor

– Episode Nineteen: What Are You Afraid Of?

– Episode Twenty: Plan and Attack

– Episode Twenty-One: Plan and Attack

– Episode Twenty Two: 1995Going, Going


Is the Mysterious Island based on a true story?

The island has been a source of fascination for centuries, and there have been many theories about its origins. Some believe that the island is the remains of the lost city of Atlantis, while others believe that it is a gateway to another world. However, the most likely explanation is that the island is simply a natural formation.

The island’s unique location and topography have led to many myths and legends being associated with it. However, there is no evidence to support any of these theories. The island remains an elusive and enigmatic place, and its true origin may never be known.

Where can I watch the original mysterious island?

The original Mysterious Island can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple TV. The film, which was released in 1961, is based on the novel by Jules Verne and tells the story of a group of castaways who are stranded on a remote island. The castaways must band together in order to survive the island’s many dangers, including giant apes, volcanoes, and dinosaurs.

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Despite its age, the film remains an entertaining and suspenseful adventure, and its special effects still hold up today. Whether you’re a fan of Jules Verne or simply looking for a classic adventure flick, the original Mysterious Island is definitely worth a watch.

How did Mysterious Island end?

The novel Mysterious Island ends with the protagonists finally escaping the island. They build a hot air balloon from the materials they have on hand, and after a harrowing journey, they land on a nearby island.

There, they are rescued by a ship and finally return home. The ending is both hopeful and bittersweet, as the characters have gone through so much during their time on the island.

Despite everything, they have formed a strong bond with one another and are better people for having gone through their ordeal. While they are happy to be going home, they will always remember their time on the Mysterious Island.


The show is mysterious and suspenseful, leaving viewers wanting more each as the name suggests. The cast is excellent and the acting is superb. -The plot moves quickly and were entertaining. Although we couldn’t provide details of all episodes in the wiki list of the Mysterious Island TV series, overall, the show is an excellent addition to the mystery genre.