Most popular services offered by banks in Singapore

Most popular services offered by banks in Singapore

When it comes to online banking, the leading banks in the country offer some of the best services and features on their websites. The first thing that customers look for is convenience and accessibility. After all, customers want to bank on the go and at any time of day. Premier Banking offers just that: 24/7 customer service and access through mobile devices. The premier banking industry is always coming out with exciting new features and that’s why customers need to stay on top of their online banking game. Here are some of the most popular services offered by banks in Singapore:

  • Auto bill pay

– Enables customers to pay their bills with just a few clicks automatically

– Customer can set the bill payment date and time, as well as the bank account number for payments

  • Auto savings plans

– A simple way to start putting money away for any goal easily and consistently every month

– Helps bank customers save with ease so they do not have to think about it

  • QR code payments

– Enables customers to make online purchases with their mobile phones by scanning the merchant’s QR code, either for a one time payment or recurring remittance

– Customers pay merchants directly from their bank accounts without having to input account information every time they wish to make a purchase

  • Password manager

– Forgot passwords are a thing of the past with this feature

– Customers can set separate, easy to remember PINs for all their accounts, so they do not have to keep track of them

  • Notifications

– Customers receive timely notifications for everything from payment due dates and account balance alerts to security updates

  • Advanced dashboard

– Shows customers all their most important banking information at a glance such as account balances, recent transactions and due dates for bills

  • Direct transfer to contacts

– Easily transfer money to anyone on their contact lists with just two clicks

  • Personalized homepages

– Allows customers to make their online experience truly personalized by choosing an image and background color that appeals to them

– The sites home pages also feature different content depending on the time of day or even specific days to always provide customers with relevant information when they need it most

  • Customer service

– Premier banks have the best customer service available at all hours so customers never have to wait when they have a question, concern or problem.Premier banking employ the most professional and courteous staff for live chats and phone calls that customers can contact through email or even via SMS in case they want to remain anonymous

  • Secure online banking

– Premier banks offer the highest levels of security available with their own in house developed systems along with expert technicians, round the clock monitoring and more to ensure that customers are safe

  • Branch locations

– If a customer ever has a question or wants to speak to someone in person, premier banking is the way to go with most branch locations throughout Singapore offering extended hours for convenience.

Bottom line:

When it comes to online banking, there are many options out there. However, premier banking offers some of the best reward programs and services.Also, premier banking employs some of the best customer service staff with friendly and knowledgeable representatives available every hour of the day. If customers want fast, secure and convenient online banking services, they can do no better than choosing one of Singapore’s many premier banking options.