More Sex Please! How to Boost Your Libido

More Sex Please! How to Boost Your Libido

Did you know that a loss of sex drive affects up to one in five men and even more women? There are many possible underlying causes for low libido. Fortunately, there are a couple of things that you can do to get you back to feeling sexy and asking for more sex, please!’

You can try to experiment with different lifestyle changes or take a closer look at your relationship. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to dive into fantasies and new sexual experiences.

Take a look at these top tips for boosting your libido.

Get Rid of Stress

It’s easier said than done, but if you’re struggling with a low sex drive, it may be due to stress. The stress hormone interferes with your libido and may lead to an uninterest in sex.

Try to work on stress-relieving tools such as particular activities that relieve tension or even seek out a therapist’s help.

Communicate With Your Partner

Often relationship problems and tensions contribute to low libido. If you’re wondering how to fix low libido, it may be worth taking a closer look at your relationship. Perhaps the problems are evident to you, or maybe they’re simmering under the surface.

Either way, communication is vital. If you find it hard to talk about sex with your partner, it’s part of the problem. Try to overcome this fear and have an open discussion. Honest communication is a great way to boost libido.

Change Up Your Diet 

So you’ve lost your libido, and you’re desperate to find out how to increase it. It may help to turn to your diet and make some changes. A nutritious diet that supports good circulation and a healthy heart can prevent low libido.

Incorporate healthy fats and zinc in your diet to help stimulate and increase the production of sex hormones. Look for the best male enhancement pills and be amazed how it can help in taking your sex life in the next level.

Turn to Fantasies and Self-Pleasure 

Low libido in women can often be resolved by letting go of the idea that only your partner should provide you with pleasure. Try exploring some fantasies to unlock hidden desires.

Perhaps pick up some erotic literature and use this in combination with your fantasies to pleasure yourself.

Masturbating can do wonders to boost self-awareness and body esteem which has a positive effect on your libido.

Spice Up Your Sex Life 

This seems like a massive cliche. However, if you’re wondering how to boost your libido, this is a great way to do it. When the passion and ‘spark’ starts to dim, it’s essential to make an effort to keep your sex life fresh and exciting.

It’s easy to fall into a sex routine in a relationship, which quickly results in a lowered sex drive. Try different things in the bedroom, introduce spontaneity, and even the use of sex toys.

Yes, More Sex, Please!

The most important thing is to stop wishing for more sex please’ and take control over your libido and sex life. Use these tips to identify what might be causing the loss of sex drive and work to bring it back.

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