Miley Cyrus and British Singer, Yungblud's Dating Rumor Spread After Clubbing Together

Miley Cyrus and British Singer, Yungblud’s Dating Rumor Spread After Clubbing Together

Miley Cyrus was spotted out and about with British pop-rocker Yungblud, sparking speculation about a new romantic chapter in her life.

Singer Miley Cyrus who is 28 years was celebrating the 15th anniversary of her popular character Hannah Montana with close friends, including the 23-year-old British singer, who previously dated Halsey, at a club in Los Angeles.

“She was overjoyed and in her element. She was belting out songs at the table and was full of life, according to an eyewitness,” reported.

“There was a vibe between them, and they didn’t take their eyes off each other,” the witness continued, mentioning that he also touched her face.

“It definitely appeared as if something was going on between them,” the eyewitness continued.

“Miley and Yungblud were definitely flirting with each other, but they are not dating,” a source close to Cyrus later told the publication. It was just a fun night out with friends, but there is undeniable chemistry there.”

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