Marine Engineering Services: What You Should Know

Buying and owning a mega yacht is a huge investment. They consume large amounts of fuel and staff to operate and cost a hefty amount to dock and insure.

One of the most expensive aspects of owning a yacht is maintenance and repairs. Some of the newer mega yachts are getting built with enhanced fuel efficiency and communication systems. Others have integrated desalination systems.

The bigger and more advanced your ship is, the more disastrous a malfunction or engine failure can be. Here are some marine engineering services that are essential for keeping your yacht running smoothly.

What Are Marine Engineering Services?

Marine engineering services work on maintaining the various parts of a sea vessel. That includes inspecting your main switchboards and assessing a boat’s power management systems and generation plants.

Primarily, marine engineers focus on designing equipment in the main engine room and auxiliary machinery spaces. They may oversee repairs for systems they’ve specifically worked on.

Payment for mega-yacht maintenance can run into the millions, but it’s a necessary cost to keep it afloat and in good condition.

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Maintaining Power Generation Plants

A 71M Yacht may consume up to 500 liters of diesel every hour. In just ten minutes of use, you’ll burn through over $500 of fuel. If your power management systems aren’t well-maintained, you could expect those costs to double.

Marine engineering services help to construct fuel-efficient engines for clients and keep them in working order.

Yacht electricians can design and implement power management systems and install electrical equipment for a client. They can then customize it all to work with their onboard tools.

There are also current innovations that are making yachts more eco-friendly and efficient.

For example, the Bravo Eugenia has a hybrid propulsion engine that consumed 30% less fuel than similar-sized yachts. Meanwhile, the Yersin was made out of 95% recyclable materials.

Helping Understand Documentation

One of the most important jobs a marine engineer has is helping a yacht’s owners and crew members understand everything about it.

Classification documentation states that a mega yacht is anything over 80 meters. Due to its size, it can have a number of systems installed that crew members may not be accustomed to maintaining.

Marine engineers keep track of machinery records and know your machinery clearances. They can perform all the tests required to make sure everything is running well.

It’s also necessary for them to track your ship’s running hours so they can plan for any major maintenance in advance.

Keeping Your Ship Afloat

When you invest in something as expensive as a mega yacht, you don’t want to skimp out on its maintenance. Lucky for you, marine engineering specialists are well-trained in their field.

They can handle jobs as big as propulsion system integration to smaller ones, such as crane specification and integration. Even better if they’re the ones who helped design your ship in the first place.

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