Manglish Typing

In 2021, typing has given a high number of career opportunities to people. There are tons of fields where a person can enter with having good typing skills, and the reason behind it is the strong change in the industry. Compared to the past few decades…industries are almost shifted to a digital method and now they are demanding typist to work. Although typing has various kinds, on which we are going to talk in this post is Mangalish Typing. 

We all are fond of doing English or Hindi Typing but do you know, languages like Mangalish are gaining high privilege in our typing industries. However, Mangalish is not a novel language…it is a combination of Malayalam and English. So, if you are linked with Malayalam and looking for software that can easily convert English words into Malayalam then you clicked on the right post. Here I have discussed about Mangalish to Malayalam Typing Software that makes a typing process simple and corporative.     

The software mentioned in this post is Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing. I have recommended using this software because of its useful features, modest usage, supportive functions, and easy interface. I have given the latest version of the application that almost supports every platform. So, all you have to do is download this Mangalish Typing software, and after installation starts Mangalish to Malayalam Typing. Add this awesome software to your regular working and you will find an increase in efficiency of your work.



Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing is mainly developed for Mangalish Typing, which is done both on English and Keyman keyboard. For the best performance and enhancement in your work, I will recommend using a QWERTY keyboard. This has been proven by the researchers that using an English QWERTY keyboard increase world per minute (WPM). As result, you will able to do more work in less time and save you time!

The benefits of this Mangalish to Malayalam Typing Software are not limited to typing, while performing fluent with the system it also has a modest interface! It means anyone can easily operate Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing software as it has user-friendly working. Once you start typing the English character…they can be seen on the left side, while their conversion into Malayalam is present on the right side. From downloading and installing to operating…everything becomes easier in Mangalish Typing.

Another reason to use Lipikaar over any other Mangalish to Malayalam Typing is its compact size. The market is full of options, various premium software claims to offer the best support to your typing skill, but they charge very high compare to their resources. However, this application comes in very small size and starts cooperating easily with the system but at the same time…it is free of cost! 



All stylish fonts for Mangalish to Malayalam Typing are provided free in this software. This means you can enhance the productivity and creativity of your work at the same time! With software like Lipikaar-English to Malayalam Typing…Fast Malayalam Typing is no more myth! So, download this software now!