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Manasseh Azure’s Letter to South Africans Amid Xenophobic Attacks

Manasseh Azure Awuni, an investigative and freelance journalist has joined the voice of many others to warn South Africans to desist from attacking their neighbors.

In what looks like an open letter, the journalist reminded South Africans where there were in the past and how near-by Africans has stood by them through the storm. He said;

“Dear South Africans,

When you got your freedom from the apartheid regime, much of the wealth was still in the hands of those who “enslaved” you for many years. After independence, your own people are now leading you and are expected to redistribute the wealth and liberate you from poverty.

But they are not interested in your welfare. The Guptas (Indians) have captured your country. I know you know this because the State Capture investigation is carried live on national TV. Your leaders have stolen your wealth and given to it the Indians and others who are not Africans.

Strangely, however, your target are the hustlers from African countries, the young men and women who are struggling to earn a living by doing menial jobs. They do not pose any real threat to your economic emancipation.

South Africa, wake up and wise up! Remember when some Western nations labelled Mandela and other freedom fighters terrorists, they sought refuge in and got funding from the African countries whose citizens you’re killing today. If you directed a quarter of this outrage towards your leaders who are stealing from you, your fortunes would improve and your lives will be better.

Stop the bloodshed. It’s shameful. This does not befit a rainbow nation. And it does not befit any nation in the 21st century civilisation.

Yours sincerely,
Manasseh Azure Awuni
A Ghanaian who used to admire South Africa.””

In case you missed Manasseh Azure Awuni’s latest expose’ which got many talking, here you have the chance to watch the full video