Magic Of Flowers

Magic Of Flowers – How Can Flowers Beautify Your Skin And Hair?

They say, “not all superheroes wear a cape”, indeed as some are delicate looking, fragrance loaded, enriched with antioxidants. Any guesses? Well, we are talking about superheroes blooming out in your garden. Yes, with magical powers like that of flowers, they truly fall in this category. You may think that flowers are pretty and all, but what makes us give such a title to blooms? Wait till you read till the end. Just for the starter, we would say that If you know the right uses of each flower blooming in your garden, you will never have to depend on the store-bought products for clear amazing skin and hair. Everybody desires beautiful, glowing, ever-youthful skin, right? Let me put it right, your skin is your canvas, and it is the result of whatever you paint on it, thus It will always reflect what goes inside it. That means you need to track what goes into those pores. Having a skincare regime is actually a commitment to look after your skin, what goes inside and what stays out. It need not be a fancy one; it should just be regular. 

Well, coming to a skincare regime, some people depend on chemical-based products, while a huge lot has now started moving to a more natural approach. People lookout for products that have organic-based ingredients. There are tons of brands that claim to use only natural ingredients and flowers in their products. There are still doubts if the claims are true. Even if they do stick to their claims and really work only with fresh flowers and natural ingredients, the price tags of these products usually give a mini heart attack. If you don’t want to spend a large amount of your earnings on these products, Instead, in our suggestion, you should get an online flower delivery in Chandigarh to create your own formulas in a much more budget-friendly way. No idea where to begin? Don’t worry; we are here to help. First, we will talk about the types of benefits a flower has for skin as well as skin and hair problems that can be tackled with fresh blooms. After that, we will disclose some top names that rule the beauty world. You will realise that these are some common names you find in your skincare products. But today, you will learn how to use them at home, directly. 

Flowers that make you glow

What qualities do people usually want in their skin? Glow, young, spotless, acne-free, etc. all this can be achieved by using fresh flowers. Now, how to attain that perfect glow and which flower to use for the same?

Rosemary – the little leaves of rosemary are powerful enough to help your skin develop collagen, moisturise the skin by fighting free radicals. This collagen is responsible for the healthy glow on the skin. Also, it helps you to enhance the skin elasticity so that you don’t age fast. Use : add rosemary oil to a cleanser to have a rejuvenated glow and increase circulation. 

Calendula- Calendula has insanely significant degrees of carotenoids and flavonoids. These are powerful antioxidants, so it’s for sure this brilliant blossom can help you fight dried out lips to battling fine lines. Signs of aging and fill your skin with glow.

For inflamed skin 

Roses – Quite possibly the most well-known magnificent flower, rose is known for its exceptional hydrating properties. It can recuperate irritated and sunburned skin. For this calming property of roses, it is advisable to spray rose mist daily during the summers. Regular use of rose water diminishes the presence of pimples and whiteheads just as keeping up with the skin’s pH balance. For that, put some rose petals in a bottle to make your own rose water. 

Flowers for healthy shiny hair

Now we’ll discuss flower benefits for your hair. Struggling with falling hair, dandruff, hair breakage, premature greying or any other hair related issue or just want naturally shiny silky hair, flowers can help for all of these wishes. Taking care of hair is important, you may shampoo your hair on time and still may have some issues. Well, your hair may be asking for extra nutrients. 


Moringa contains thiocyanate which fortifies hair follicles and slows down hair fall. It is utilized as a hair conditioner and also helps in new hair development. You can utilize Moringa as oil by applying it directly to your hair, or you can make tea with Moringa powder and use it to rub your hair. Many hair conditioners have this bloom as their main ingredient. 

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus is one of the most adored and commonly found flowers in the garden. This beauty is actually loaded with magical benefits for your hair. The flower is known for its healing properties that help your skin and hair rejuvenate. Applying the paste of this flower on your scalp promotes hair growth by providing deep nutrition. 

So, now you know why you should get online flower delivery in Gurgaon for better skin and hair health. 

Here are other Advantages of flowers

  • Fresh blooms are known as stress busters. Studies suggest that some flowers like lavender calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, help people to relax better and even enhance mood. 
  • Having flowers at home also means fresh air at your place. Yes, some plants who emit aroma spread a natural perfume in the room. Thus, it’s the most natural way to freshen the air of a place.
  • Flowers can have a positive impact on the mood of an individual. Since flowers can calm your mind, they can enhance the mood by hushing away stress. Hence, A flower delivery can make someone’s day better. 
  • These fresh blooms can be used for culinary purposes as well. Some flowers are edible, rich with nutrients that deserve to go in your food. But, before you pluck flowers from your garden, learn that some flowers are poisonous, so read and use them carefully