Mad man caught with 5 human heads and two phones

Mad man caught with 5 human heads and two phones

A guy, believed to be totally mad, has been arrested by his community residents who suspected him as a ritualist.

The man had been nabbed around Nigeria’s Ado Ekiti Oye Ekiti region.

Information collected by the residents later revealed that the crazy man was actually a kidnapper and a ritualist who is terrorizing neighborhood residents.

Gathered initial information suggested that some people in the community accused him of being bad and wanted to track his campaign.


Some members of the community
Some members of the community
A vigilante group, according to some witnesses, decided one day to attack the mad man and found in his hands, surprisingly, five human heads and two cameras.

“He immediately removed the SIM card after the mad man was caught, and swallowed it,” said a witness.

He said the youth got angry and beat him into a coma, and when the police arrived, he was about to set him on fire.

When interrogated, he admitted to traveling for his kidnapping company from Ekiti to Edo State and has been in it for months.

While confirming the incident, Joseph Femi, the State Police Public Relations Officer, told the suspect will be investigated for further details.

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