Luckygames888 and Slotxo launch TrueMoney Wallet with ease of payment

Luckygames888 and Slotxo launch TrueMoney Wallet with ease of payment

The development of online gaming has been an astonishing improvement comparing to the past 2 years where people need to deposit the cash by wire transfer in order to start playing slot online game. Today, and slotxo have released the new way of paying and receiving credits via Truemoney Wallet application.

What is E-wallet and the relation with Slotxo?

A few years back in 2016, Slotxo, the branded online slot gaming company had launched in Thailand with the help of the extraordinary growth of the interest users in Thailand hoping that it would change the way people interact with casino. However, at that time, the growth of the online players are not as much as today in 2021.
When slot online has to do with real cash and the online banking systems are not fully activated. All transactions in sending and receiving bets must be made via ATM or visiting bank. In the present, however, the online banking system is booming with the boost of the world’s Pandemic (Covid-19), making the wire transfer payment of slot bets become much easier.
Regarding E-wallet that mostly being used to store cryptocurrency. In Thailand, the E-wallet tends to increase its popularity due to the help of the online gaming application integration where players can link their account to the E-wallet to pay monthly fees for online games and/or buying game items. This is the point where Slotxo team believes that it could take advantage in integrating with some E-wallet and its online slot game.

Slotxo and True Wallet integration in 2021

When the development team of Slotxo sees the opportunity in utilizing Truemoney wallet (so called True Wallet), they started testing the system in the late 2020 which has brought us the strong foundation of the online slot game with ease of depositing and withdrawing real cash by True Wallet nowadays
Now, the flow of using True Wallet with Slotxo is quite simple. The users will have to have their own bank account which they can link their funds to True Wallet directly. Every time the slot players wish to deposit the cash to their Slotxo’s account, they will just use only a few seconds to transfer the fund to True Wallet which in the end turn to Slot credits to play games.
Talking about withdrawing, the procedure is also very simple, and it just have to work backward of how they deposit. The players only need to push the button in their Slotxo account and the money goes to player’s bank account within seconds.

True Wallet is the medium to stay hidden

While playing slot out there in the world seems legit, but not in Thailand. People tend to disguise and to protect their privacy by not letting the bank knows that they are into gambling since it might affect their credit score.
Having True Wallet integrate as a middleman between Slotxo and the bank is one of the best option to stay hidden in the social environment like this.

About is a “direct” and “authorized” partnership with Slotxo and the site has 100% authority in using all Slotxo technologies. Starting from over 130+ selectable slot gaming online, Luckygames888 also feature in using Truemoney Wallet for depositing and withdrawing. With 24/7 self-operated call center, making the site outstanding among slotxo games partners as of today.