Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street: Basic Road Safety Rules, Facts, and Statistics That Everyone Should Know

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street: Basic Road Safety Rules, Facts, and Statistics That Everyone Should Know

Our roads can be a dangerous place.

For drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, coexisting on the roads and sidewalks is more difficult than it may seem. Not everyone has a strong grasp on road safety rules and the resulting accidents can cause a great deal of bodily harm, or in the worst cases, fatality.

In this post, we’re going to do our part by outlining some basic road safety rules, facts, and statistics for you. The more you know about how to work with other people on the road, the safer the roads will be.

Crashes Are Costly In More Ways Than One

Almost 40,000 people die from car accidents per year in the USA. A further 4 million people are moderate to severely injured in accidents, making it the leading cause of death and injury in the country.

Not only does this have a massive impact on the health of Americans, but it’s a financial minefield as well. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, the economic impact of these accidents is nearly $900 million, with almost $400 million of that being for medical costs.

It’s hard to apply these large numbers to an individual accident. If you’re harmed in an accident, you’ll get treated and get some advice from an attorney. Once all is said and done, you may settle for thousands of dollars to cover your injuries and trauma, so when you multiply this by the thousands of other accidents, you arrive at these huge financial implications.

Road Safety Rules

So, how do we put a stop to these costly accidents?

We do it by following road safety rules. When you get your license, you’re taught the basics of road safety and the symbols of road safety rules. Over time, however, you get into bad habits and the things you learn as a teenager fade.

It’s good practice to refresh yourself on driving road safety rules every once in a while to ensure that you’re doing what you can to keep yourself and others safe. It starts with following speed limits and road signs, wearing your seatbelt, and using your turn signal, but it continues with paying close attention, staying off of your devices, and using defensive driving techniques.

If you’re attentive to your surroundings, your chances of getting in a serious accident go way down. As long as everyone drives this way, we’ll see those horrific stats lower.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

According to the WHO, almost 50% of all worldwide road traffic deaths are motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians. You can’t control what the drivers on the road are doing, but by paying close attention and using your senses, you could avoid serious injury or death.

Always stop and look in every direction before crossing at an intersection and never assume that a vehicle will stop because a sign or traffic signal tells them to.

For cyclists, safety starts with ensuring that your bike is in good working order. Always check the breaks and lights, especially if you’re riding at night. Don’t forget to wear your helmet and stay in a bike lane if possible, or, if not, make sure you’re on the far side of the road, moving along with traffic.

Don’t Become a Statistic

If you know and understand all of the road safety rules, you’re putting yourself in a better position to avoid a catastrophic accident. Road safety seems like an easy thing to grasp, yet we continue to flout the rules, drive impaired, and make rash decisions that result in really bad injuries. Keep these tips in your mind anytime you get behind the wheel of a car, go for a walk, or a bike ride.

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