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We all have an ideal place to live, which becomes a dream; sometimes, it becomes our job requirement to immigrate, but it’s quite a complicated process. as laws getting changed day by day and we are not informed and up to date with the changes of law its become difficult to understand the process. If you are required for an immigration lawyer who can guide you correctly, Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Attorneys Yakima WA can solve your problem. As immigration is necessary and you get frustrated and lost hope to immigrate, you need an experienced  Immigration Lawyer Yakima, who will understand you the entire process. We make your immigration process straightforward.

Immigration process

The immigration procedure and rules in the United States are constantly changing and might be complicated. In addition to the evolving regulations surrounding immigration, submitting the forms and requirements can be overwhelming. You required an Immigration Lawyer on your side if you or a member of your family wants to travel to or stay in the United States. Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Attorneys Yakima WA recognizes how complicated the immigration process may be, and you are not alone. We are with you and help you with our experience. We will make it easy for you how much we can.

Adjustment of status

Adjustment of status is a way that allows you to apply for a green card while existing in the United States. While an immigrant visa requires you to travel to your home country for a visa interview, adjustment of status does not and is thus viewed as a speedier and less expensive alternative by some. However, some situations may make an immigrant visa application a preferable option for a person. However, if you file for adjustment of status and don’t satisfy all of the requirements, you’ll forfeit your application cost (which may be over $1,000 for a single person) and risk being deported. If you’re not informed which option is best for you, you can consult Immigration Office Yakima WA, and take the right opportunity.

Apply for visa

In immigration, the primary process is visa application; if you have proper consultation, it will become easy. If you have a loved one who wants to visit the United States but requires a visa, a Yakima Immigration Attorney may assist you with the application process. With over 180 different types of visas available in the United States, it’s critical to know which one is right for you. Visa applications may be time-consuming and complex, and you risk losing your application money if you apply for the wrong one. We have experience of years in the immigration field. We will guide you as better as we can to solve your immigration complications.

Get informed

When you or your family requires assistance with immigration difficulties in Yakima, Washington, you should contact an expert Immigration Attorney. Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Attorneys Yakima will give you free and proper information about all laws regarding immigration, and our guidance will be honest and to the point to make it straightforward for you.