john dumelo

Let’s grow ‘weed’ and make more cash – John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor and notable opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) activist, John Dumelo has suggested the Ghanian government to engage into the marijuana business thus to generate additional revenue for the country. He suggested we grow ‘weed’ and make more cash

john dumelo

Posting on Twitter page on Saturday eyed by, the actor as well as a farmer mentioned that plenty of states and even spiritual establishments are cashing in on the Marijuana trade so if the African nation government has no intention of legalizing it, a some of them will take it up and create farms for export reasons and not for native consumption.

“A lot of countries and even religious institutions are cashing in on the Marijuana trade. Here’s my take. The Ghana government can look into setting up the farm. The marijuana will be solely for export, no local consumption.”

He tweeted again that, Ghana can cash in on the billions of dollars generated from the ‘weed’ business and use that for infrastructure and paying of salaries as the country has the capacity to generate the needed revenue and it will only be done by trading and not talking.

“That way Ghana can cash in on the billions of dollars. We need revenue for infrastructure, paying of salaries etc. We have all it takes to generate that. Let’s stop talking and start trading.”

He joins celebrities like EIB’s KOD who for some time now has been posting on his Facebook page the value of marijuana trade and its legalization.