Laser Genesis Treatment and Its Benefits – What to Know 

Laser Genesis Treatment and Its Benefits – What to Know 

Skin suffers from many problems such as aging, exposure to harmful sun rays, external influence because of the changing climatic conditions, and so on. The best way to maintain the skin in the best possible way is with the help of some non-invasive procedures. One such solutions for skincare is Laser Genesis.

Imagen, one of the best Omaha Cosmetic Centers, is famous for offering many cosmetic solutions for interested people, and Laser Genesis is one such procedures. Expert cosmetic surgeons know the right way to address all kinds of skin issues and can guarantee to offer the best solutions. You can visit their webpage to know more.

Laser Genesis

Laser genesis solution targets the healthy cells that are present just below the layer of dead and damaged cells on the dermal layer. The healthy cells will start healing and eradicating the damaged cells from the skin layer, which in turn makes the healthy cells shine. Apart from microdermabrasion and chemical peels, this is the best treatment for damaged cells.

Here are the solutions for some of the commonly registered skin issues.

  • Reversing the damage caused because of sun exposure 

The body produces certain chemicals and the melanin pigment will protect the skin layer from exposure to harmful sun rays. The other protective barrier that is produced by the body for the skin layer is the melanin pigment. However, the skin layer is still prone to some damages because of harmful sun rays.

Laser genesis solution can reverse the damage that is caused on the epidermal layer because of the sun’s rays. It will trigger the development of new cells.

  • Smoothing the uneven skin tone 

Sometimes, skin tone becomes uneven in the areas that will be normally exposed to the outer environment. The hereditary genetic pigment, sun exposure, anomalies, and other such issues can make your skin tone become uneven. People with such issues can get an even skin tone with the help of Laser Genesis.

  • Minimizing and eliminating the visible scars 

The thicker and deeper skin layer changes and this results in scar tissues. Scar tissues develop whenever there is the development of collagen fibers. Such tissues will appear in a different tone than the normal skin tone and result in uneven skin color. The same goes for acne scarring too. This issue can be handled with the help of Laser Genesis.

  • Treating the condition Rosacea Redness 

Rosacea is a skin condition that will make you blush more often than you intend to. Your nose and cheeks become red even though you do not intend to blush, and the prolonged condition can increase the spread of the blush to the ears and chin areas. This condition can be treated by laser Genesis procedure.

Safety protocol 

  • Laser genesis procedure will not offer any side-effect as it is a non-invasive procedure
  • The common side effects of this procedure are swelling and redness

The laser genesis procedure will not take more than 30 minutes, and hence it is known as the “lunch break procedure”. You can find the best cosmetic specialist to book an appointment.