Lady in shock after trusted neighbor allegedly raped her

A lady was left in shock and disappointed after a trusted neighbour who she asked to walked her home raped her in Limpopo, South Africa.

The South African lady with twitter name Nomathenda revealed that she asked her neighbor to walk her home to be safe but his countenance changed upon reaching her gate.

According to her, before she could say jack, she was being strangled, overpowered and raped, a situation which left her physically and emotionally robbed.

She further went on to advise ladies to buy pepper spray to protect them from ‘dogs’ anytime they strike.

“My nabour raped me last night…I really wanns die ryt now. Asked him to walk me home coz I wanted to be safe I trusted him.. When we got next to my gate things changed next thing his strangling me im on the floor “fustk thula uyarasa” he said….i trusted him. I honestly nvr thought such wud happen to me especially with some1 soo close toe ladies pls buy pepper spray n carry it with you all the time these dogs strikes at anytime,” she narrated.