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Labor Day Weekend Essentials

Labor Day Weekend is here, and it’s a time to honor and celebrate all of those who have continued to make the country what it is today. That includes you! Whether you planned a getaway vacation or a stay-at-home cookout, you’ll want to be prepared to celebrate without any last-minute stresses getting in the way. After all, this is your time to relax and have fun, not work! Here’s a list of your Labor Day weekend essentials that will make sure you get to enjoy any adventure you embark on.

1. Luggage

The perfect luggage is essential to your Labor Day weekend, especially if you plan on traveling beyond your state. A good suitcase or backpack doesn’t have to be reserved for any airplane travel. It’s wise to have one packed and ready in the trunk of your car just in case you decide to do anything exciting or out of the norm. Labor Day gives you that extra-long weekend, so you may find yourself joining an itinerary, or tagging along with a group of friends on an excursion. Either way, Brevite has backpacks that are perfect for carrying your camera, or for simple everyday needs like carrying an extra swimsuit and change of clothes. 

If you’re leaving the country or just heading over to a friend’s house, you ought to pack for the unexpected. Celebrating has a way of leaving you to go with the flow of the activities friends and family have planned. A bag designated to keep your electronic equipment safe is essential, or some luggage to hold your stay-overnight attire is key. Having the perfect size for what you need makes any of your travels convenient, and leaves you feeling ready for action.

2. Attire

A change of clothes is always important for any weekend get-together. Even if you plan on celebrating alone, you’ve got to mix it up for your social media memories. Pack an extra bathing suit so the first one you’ve worn in the pool or at the beach can dry. Some graphic tank tops are easy to layer with too. They’re fashion-friendly and easy to pack in bundles. You’ll be able to switch up your looks and keep cool throughout your vacay.

Packing golf attire is essential for an unexpected or planned trip to the country club course. They hold certain requirements in your attire to enter, and you won’t want to turn down the invitation with friends and family at a place that makes for excellent networking opportunities. Golfing is incredibly soothing, and Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to learn.

Keep a few different styles of footwear on you as well. Swim shoes are perfect for potential oceanside fun or beach bonfires. You may want to pack a pair of hiking boots too. There might be a few trails worth trying that lead to the perfect party spot for your friends and family. Then, for the after-party, you’ll definitely want to have a pair of dancing shoes ready.

3. Drinks

Your Labor Day weekend is all about kicking back and taking a break from all the goals you’ve been achieving. Having refreshing beverages along the way is a must. Pack a cooler full of Bev alcohol so you’ll have plenty of eclectic wine coolers to share with new friends you’ll meet on your trip or while you’re hopping from one cookout to the next. Not everyone enjoys the carbs from beers, so sugar-free drinks are a great alternative to save room for all of the delicious food you’ll come across.

If you don’t drink alcohol, then keep a case of water in your trunk so you have plenty for yourself and even to offer to anyone who is drinking. The weather will call for sunshine, so have plenty of ice on hand or in the fridge to keep any of your refreshments cool and ready to serve.

Sparkling water and freshly sliced fruit are essential parts of your Labor Day cocktails. Bringing some bottles along with you to celebrations will be appreciated, but having them handy for yourself so you can make your own mixes is great too. The sparkling water will leave you feeling refreshed but also keep you hydrated while taking in any alcoholic drinks in the heat.

4. Music

Probably one of the most important parts of any celebration or long weekend is the music. Labor Day weekend is no exception. You’ve been working hard up until this small vacation break, so expect to let loose. Dancing and partying with friends and family won’t be the same unless you’ve got the best playlists or records handy. The classics are what bring people together, so any Beatles, Pink Floyd, or Rolling Stones vinyl records will definitely take people back down their memory lanes. Spinning vinyl records above anything else is always a symbol for a special occasion.

If you plan on traveling alone, then have some empowering and motivating tunes synced up to your headphones. It’s important to have a positive outlook while enjoying yourself. You could save the audiobooks for when you’ve landed or are ready to catch some sleep. In the meantime, try to take a break away from anything other than meaningless fun! Create playlists of your childhood favorite songs or the best country music that grounds you while you travel. The more uplifting, the better. Stay away from anything too emotional or love-driven. It’s a time to let your hair down, not your tears!

5. Decor

If you’re planning on leaving the house or having the party come to you, an essential part of a great festivity is the outdoor decor. Particularly for any pool parties, the perfect lounging inflatables are an essential part of a relaxing experience. Tiki torches and stringed lights will also enhance the mood for any outdoor gathering. You want to escape the mundane routines of your everyday life, and the best way to do that is to mix up the environment, especially if you plan on staying in. Adding a disco ball or plugging in a bubble machine has a way of taking you places that are made for fun and excitement, even if you’ve only walked to your neighbor’s backyard. Decorations are a must for your Labor Day weekend.

Take pride in the country you’ve been working in because, without you, it wouldn’t have grown into what it has become today. Labor Day celebrates its American workers, so bust out your American made flags and hang them about to keep the party going all weekend long.

6. Food

Last, but not least, the most essential part of the perfect Labor Day weekend is the food. Food planning and preparation can be left up to you, or it can come from a catering service that provides that homecooked, barbecue flavor. If you decide to do the grilling for yourself, or if you are expected to participate in a potluck, Lillie’s Q BBQ sauce has the southern flavor that every cookout needs. The perfect BBQ sauce will set apart your dish from any other, or you can bring a few bottles to any party and be sure that everyone will have plenty to enjoy smothered on their burgers or drizzled over their hotdogs. 

This Labor Day Weekend 

It’s celebrating your family, friends, and especially you. It’s a time to honor all American workers and achievers. Whether you choose to surround yourself with loved ones, party animals, or take the long weekend to yourself, one thing that is most essential is that you have the best time doing no work at all.