Kelvin Taylor

Video + Documents: Kevin Taylor Exposes Transport Ministry Over $15 million Chop Chop

Social and political media commentator, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor says he has incontrovertible evidence to prove that, the Transport Ministry has engaged in a $15 million scandal.

A video sighted by Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor alleges that private institutions are conniving with the government of the day to steal from the Ghanaian taxpayer. In the video, Kelvin Taylor believes this revelation is the biggest scandal coming from the Transport Ministry’s camp.

To back his evidence, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor further released different documents through his With All Due Respect Facebook page. He dared the Transport Ministry to come out to debunk his claim.

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Documents proving his allegations are below;


Kelvin Taylor exposes Ministry of Transport over $15 million fraud