KelniGVG is paid GH¢90m annually for no evidence of revenues – Franklin Cudjoe

Founder of Imani Africa, Franklin Cudjoe is worried and asking the ministry of information the whereabouts of the promised ROI in KelniGVG contract.

Imani Africa prior to the signing of the contract between the Ministry of communication and KelniGVG went to court to seek further clarification with the contract. Unfortunately, they lost the court case.

It’s been close to a year and there seem to be no reports on investment. In frustration, Franklin took to his Facebook Page demanding answers whiles tasking the general public to demand accountability. He said;

“Finance Ministry/ Government- “The review of the Communication Service Tax which has been increased from 6% to 9% should bring in a little over GH¢100 million to help hit its end-of-year target of GH¢524 million.”

Me: But do we realise, Kelni is being paid GH¢90m annually for no evidence of helping boost telcom revenues as promised? I am fed up asking for a perfomance report after one and a half years of Kelni’s operation. The Ministry of Communications Enni y3n koraa Aka. Y3n Kasa biom ooo enti )mu fin y3 koraaa. This was all we tried explaining but we lost in court and I guess Ghanaians felt disappointed when we discontinued the case. Not easy fighting hardened battle-ready political avatars but time tells everything. Now, I urge you reading this post to demand a publication of the Kelni revenue report. We should realise at least GH¢300m revenue from the fraud they said they will catch or at least justify the near GH¢150m we have paid them per the contract. Over to you too. You also have heads and mouths- yes, you reading now. Bye.”