Justice S Muralidhar at farewell function

Former Delhi High Court judge Justice S Muralidhar on Thursday informed the judges and lawyers gathered at his farewell function in the Delhi High Court about the sequence of events leading up to his transfer order to Punjab and Haryana High Court.

He told the gathering that Chief Justice of India S A Bobde, on February 17, through a communication, conveyed to him that he was being transferred Punjab and Haryana High Court following a recommendation made by the SC collegium.

He stated that he had “no problem” with the transfer order, and acknowledged the communication.

The Centre came under fire after it issued a notification of Justice Muralidhar’s transfer on February 26, after a bench headed by him had reprimanded the Delhi police for not registering FIRs (First Information Report) against three Bharatiya Janata Party leaders who made hate speeches in the build-up to the Delhi riots.

Speaking at the event, he said, “When justice has to triumph, it will triumph … Be with the truth – Justice will be done.”

Moreover, he said that being a lawyer was not his first career choice. “Coming to this court was an unbelievable irony. I was not meant to do law. I used to play cricket with the son of a lawyer and I used to leave my cricket bag in his chambers. I had signed up for MSC,” Bar and Bench quoted him as saying.

He also appreciated the effort of young lawyers who come well prepared to argue in the court. I was not meant to do law. “Youngsters may have seen me irritated when they come to my court without any paper and just an appearance slip – I want juniors to come prepared and seize opportunities to argue.” he further said.

Justice Muralidhar eventually began a law practice in Chennai in September 1984. He shifted to Delhi to practice at the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court in 1987, Bar and Bench reported.

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