Coronavirus in Kenya

Just In: Coronavirus cases in Ghana hit 68

Situation Update

As at the morning of 25 March 2020, a total of sixty-eight (68) cases including two (2) deaths have been confirmed. Sixty-six (66) of these confirmed cases are being managed in isolation.

The sudden spike in case incidence is as a result of the mandatory quarantine and compulsory testing for all travellers entering Ghana, as directed by the president. Overall, 30 of the 68 cases have been reported in the general population with the remaining 38 cases among persons currently under mandatory quarantine. As of 24 March, a total of 1,030 persons are under mandatory quarantine; samples from 863 of them have been tested and 38 confirmed positive.

The great majority of the confirmed cases are Ghanaians, who returned home from affected countries. Seven (7) are of other nationalities namely: Norway, Lebanon, China and the UK.

In respect of contact tracing, a total of 829 contacts have been identified and are being tracked.

Total of 826 contacts have been enlisted and being tracked. Nineteen (19) people have completed the 14 days of mandatory follow up.

Coronavirus has claimed more than 13,000 precious lives and still counting, but there has not been a specific medication that can cure the disease and this has become a worry because it is feared that after contracting the disease one might not be able to survive from the disease especially those with chronic diseases such as hepatitis B, typhoid etc.

However, there have been some drugs which have been prescribed as the best treatment for coronavirus and have been able to cure some infected persons. Chloroquine is one of such drugs. Also, doctors have said some people do not necessarily need to take drugs when they get infected because the immune system of such persons are strong enough to fight the virus  and for that they might not take any drug but they will get healed.