Julian Richardson

Julian Richardson, the Southeast Asia representative of Unison Corporation, on why he joined the firm and his advise on the euphoric market

Julian Richardson

When Julian Richardson first began his career, he joined a small trading firm in the bustling financial hub of London as a financial analyst, juggling between trading, investing and advising roles. Over the years, his insights lead him into specializing in the analysis and research of foreign exchange, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and commodities. He worked his way up the markets, wearing multiple hats such as institutional trader, chief analyst, strategist and other prominent roles in global foreign exchange and investment firms. Ever learning and observant of the market, he surfed his way through the financial waves and his latest journey has brought him to the tropical shore of Southeast Asia, where he joined Meraki by Unison Corporation as the Manager of Technical Resources department.

On his decision “If the growth and strength of the Asian market in the recent years doesn’t convince you, I guess you must have been living in a bubble”

“Unison Corporation has cemented their position over the last few years and is still going strong despite the pandemic. And Asia’s emerging markets are expected to move from 30 percent of world GDP to 41 percent in 2023. On top of that, we have worked on becoming the most trusted forex brokerage partner for their clients, by providing a transparent trading platform and guaranteed safety of funds. Integration of fundamental transparency with emerging technology enhances the partnership between brokers and their esteemed clients.”
Julian’s advise on the euphoric market

“Experience can be industry-specific that allows one to anticipate trends and changes before they occur. Or it can be experience of investing in general,” says Julian. 

Julian says buying a stock is like becoming an owner of the business, as it enables you to think in the longer term. It also makes investors less likely to fall into the mental trap of buying speculatively, rather than on the basis of value.

Study financial data carefully: Investors should look at the details of the company’s balance sheet, gather data and interpret them wisely.
Invest in companies with real economic value: Investors should focus on the activities that improve people’s lives, as it’s much safer to invest in companies that can create real economic value.

Look for sound management: It is very important for investors to pick businesses that have good management. “We believe that an average management running an above average franchise will do an average job,” he says.

Best time for investment: The best time to buy financial assets is when other investors are fearful. Most of the profit in investing is made in downturns and the trick is to have enough cash to invest in such times.

 “We have extraordinarily competent people in the firm and the core principle of Unison revolves around safety, transparency and trust. The technology and research team, pioneering the research of Algorithmic trading, are now ready to introduce our latest automated trading system to the Asian market” says Julian.