Jon Mac Review

Jon Mac Review – Is the Store Formula legit?

Online courses for starting online stores are quite common these days. If you are reading this Jon Mac review, I’m sure you came across a plethora of different courses already. I was in your position a while ago until I found the Store Formula. There was no stopping for me from then, and today I earn more than what I dreamt of. In this review, I will first let you know the details of the course and what I felt about it. Go on and check it out. 

What is the Store Formula? 

Store Formula from Jon Mac review is an online eCommerce course from Jon Mac. Through this course, Jon teaches his students about the eCommerce website and how to create an online store on their own. The course contains several video tutorials, their transcripts, mp3 recordings, and tutorials. 

According to Jon, this course is the best choice for those who are entirely new to the eCommerce world. Those who have established stores can also seek guidance to improve their business. During the course, Jon provides free access to his Commerce HQ website, using which we can create up to 6 online stores for free. 

Who is Jon Mac? 

Jon Mac presents himself before the world as a motivator, entrepreneur, guru, and inspirational speaker. He is the co-founder of Commerce HQ and an author too. Jon’s tricks are pretty impressive and effective too. Rags to riches are one such story that is loved by many. 

Jon has an immense following on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. His subscribers’ number on YouTube is also pretty high. Jon tries to make dropshipping courses easy and helps his students in making their dreams come true. The best thing about him is that he never rushes anything and deals with every student with patience and genuine will to help them out. 

What is included in the Store Formula? 

One reason for me deciding to write the Jon Mac review is that the Store Formula is constantly updated to match the current trends. Jon divided the entire course into a 4-week plan, including several modules and strategies. Those enrolling for the course will also have access to his website Commerce HQ, as mentioned above. 

Apart from the modules and teaching sessions, there are some bonus questionnaire sessions too. These are the sessions organized by Jon to answer the questions of the former students. There are five of them, and you can use these to clarify any doubts related to your business. There is also a Mastermind Group on Facebook platform where the course alumni motivate and help people of the ongoing batch. 

The main focus of the course revolves around dropshipping and claims that dropshipping is possible from anywhere in the world. What I liked the most about the Store Formula is that the batches are limited. Jon doesn’t rush and overlap the batches. A new batch would start only when the ongoing batch completes its schedule. This was another reason for me deciding to write the Jon Mac review

Breakdown of the Store Formula Course 

As mentioned above, the segregation of the modules is the crux behind the course’s success. Whoever has been a part of the course readily shares the Jon Mac review for this reason too. Jon divides and deals with the entire course in the following way. 

  • Week 1: Build 

As the name suggests, Jon deals with how to build an online store from scratch. Not only does he share different tricks but also provides valuable suggestions to develop the right mindset. This week covers 10 modules. 

  • Week 2: Select 

This week has 14 modules where Jon delineates how to choose the right product to improve your sales. He suggests all of his students to proceed with one product per store to reach the desired income soon. He also deals with how the products’ pricing differs and the profit margin fluctuations. 

  • Week 3: Launch 

In week 3, Jon discusses in detail how Facebook ad campaigns work. He also teaches the students how to create and run a successful ad campaign based on their store and the chosen product. The whole content is covered in 11 modules this week. 

  • Week 4: Outsource 

The final week of Store Formula emphasizes the need of having a potent team to run the business. Jon talks about the prominence of hiring and maintaining an efficient team and advises his students to form them as soon as their first sale hits. This week, Jon suggests hiring a customer support team, project management team, and a team to take care of the ads. 

Bonus: 5 Modules 

As mentioned above, the course also provides five bonus Q&A sessions where students clarify all their doubts and get useful insights about different online stores. 

Final Thoughts 

When I first had a dream of opening my online store, I searched for several courses and invested a lot of money. Ironically, nothing could help me reach my dream. I came across the Store Formula just like any other course on the internet. But now, I feel happy for having chosen Jon as the mentor. So, here is my Jon Mac review

The first thing that impressed me about Jon, is his confidence in everything. He is well aware of whatever he says and does. Working alongside him helped me make my dream a reality. At present, I make more revenue than what I wanted to. If you are working with him, you are dealing with someone who has a proven track record and is aware of what he does. 

Most methods shared by Jon are tried and tested by him personally. As per his teaching skills, he is probably the best, for that matter. He breaks everything into simple steps so that everyone understands them clearly. Either a budding entrepreneur or someone with an online store looking to develop it, Jon’s Store Formula is a go-to solution for everyone.