John Boadu must sanitize his brains



The deputy Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, Amos Blessing Amorse has advised the General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party, John Boadu to sanitize his brain instead of his hands before commenting on national issues.

According to the audacious youth organizer of the biggest opposition Party, the NPP General Secretary has gain notoriety for making unguided statements that most call his soundness into question.

John Boadu must sanitize his brains

“Since we’re in the era of sanitizing our hands regularly, I’d like to counsel John Boadu to sanitize his brain instead of his hands. It appears his brain is badly infested and as a result he say things that do not befit a General Secretary. His utterances befits an ignoramus. Take for example his comment that if government had listen to NDC and had evacuated Ghanaian students from Wuhan, we’d have been worse off in this coronavirus problem. Clearly, this guy does not understand the issues. Check all the countries that evacuated students from Wuhan and see if any of their infections were traced to the students. Libya, for instance, evacuated students from Wuhan but as at March 24, it was counted as one of the African countries not to have recorded any case,” Mr Amorse stated in an interview.

Explaining further, Mr Amorse said “it is laughable to hear a General Secretary of a ruling Party think that if government had evacuated the students…as soon as they land in Ghana, they’ll be asked to go home without quarantining and subsequently testing to know if they are carriers or not. The WHO directives do not even allow this. In any case, when they refused to evacuate the students, were we not welcoming people from China until we recently closed our boarders? Sometimes when you listen to a jocular like John Boadu speak and you turn round to know that he’s part of those taking decision to run this country, then you understand why we’re in this mess under this government.”

“You abandon Ghanaian nationals in times of difficulty when you could have evacuated them, keep them in isolation centres until the experts clear them like you’re doing now, but you did not do that and instead of you to apologize to these students and their families for neglecting them, you want to demonize the one who wanted you to do the right thing. When you do not understand the issues, you speak anyhow like John Boadu is doing,” he stated.

The NPP General Secretary says the NDC deserves to be blocked from all public access and released after the 2020 general elections.

Describing the party as harmful and deadly as the Coronavirus pandemic, he said the NDC should not be granted the audience when they speak.

“Do you people still listen to NDC when they speak? Their habit surpasses that of COVID19. We should have blocked them from accessing public facilities, locked them down and free them after the elections,” he said in an interview with NeatFm.

The NPP General Secretary further stated the party had on several occasions given out mischievous advice and always opposed policies not originating from them.

Citing an example of the persistent pressure by the NDC to airlift Ghanaian students in China back home, John Boadu said the country would have been mourning by now if the government had heeded to their counsel.

“When the outbreak began, countries like Iran, Italy and others went for their citizens from China and because of that, the NDC was calling on us to also evacuate Ghanaian students from Wuhan. If we had listened to the NDC, we would all have been dead by now,” he said.

He said the fact that democracy exists does not mean that a political party’s misbehavior should be condoned with.

“That we are in a democratic country doesn’t mean if a political party is misbehaving, we should just sit and watch them,” he added.