Joe Biden Didn’t Say He Eats the Stick in Corn Dogs

A joke is circulating on Twitter that some people are starting to take seriously. No, Joe Biden never said that he eats the stick in corn dogs. A fake quote from a real New York Times interview has been circulating claiming that Biden said just that. It’s not true, but another funny moment circulating on Twitter is true. Read on for more details.

Biden Didn’t Tell The New York Times that He Eats the Stick in Corn Dogs

The fake quote that’s circulating claims to be from a recent New York Times interview with Biden. The fake quote reads: “By the way, and that’s what some of these Bernie people don’t get. You have to get to the center too. It’s, I was eating a corn dog the other day, this is like a corn dog, with some mustard. When you get to the middle, it’s hard and tough, and dry [CHUCKLES] but you have to eat that too. You have to eat that to finish it. But it’s hard.”

The fake quote then has a quote from the interviewer: “KK: Sir, are you talking about eating a [wooden] stick?” And it shows Biden responding: “A what?”

The fake quote is from this New York Times article. The article was published on January 17, 2020, and is just called “Joe Biden.” A note reads: “This interview was conducted by the editorial board of The New York Times, which will announce its Democratic primary endorsement on Jan. 19.”

The quote about the corn dog stick is funny, but it never actually appears in the interview. Nothing about corn dogs is said in the interview.

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One of the early versions of the hoax quote was shared on January 17 by @Julian_Epp on Twitter.

It looks official enough, especially since “KK” (aka Kathleen Kingsbury) was one of the interviewers. But the quote doesn’t appear anywhere in the article. Biden didn’t actually say that.

It still sparked memes and jokes on Twitter though.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden ate the stick on a Corn Dog. Idk what the headline for this story was but that seems like a natural to me.

— Collins Janus (@Collins06330257) January 18, 2020

hey siri – did joe biden really say he eats the wooden stick at the center of a corn dog in the new york times interview??? thanks in advance

— sean maciel (@seanmaciel) January 18, 2020

And some simply wish it were real.

Actually I kinda wish it was real. Could you imagine Joe Biden eating a corn dog, stick and all

— Brown 4 USA ?? (@Brown4USA_) January 18, 2020

Another quote about beets was also made up.

The Phone Part of the Interview Was Real

But another part of the interview where a phone rang and Biden wasn’t sure what it was, well that part was real.

The part reads: “Number one, the next president of the United States, I think you’d all have to admit, is going to have to be able to do two things. [A PHONE PLACED BY A STAFFER TO RECORD THE INTERVIEW RINGS.] What the hell is that?”

The interviewer said: “You’re getting a call.” And Biden says, “Oh.”

Some are claiming the interview originally said “BIDEN’S PHONE RINGS.”

Heavy can’t confirm if an early version of the story read that it was Biden’s phone or not. Heavy can simply confirm that the story currently reads that the phone belonged to a staff member.

So in summary, a version of the phone quote is true, but the beet quote and the corn dog quote that are circulating the Internet are not true and were not in The New York Times’ interview with Biden.