Is Worth Investment a Scam or Legit Website? Read the Expose'

Is a Scam or Legit Website? Read the Review

Every day we try as much to review and bring to you legit and potential scamming websites. We chanced on Wort- ( after several people contacted us on Telegram inquiring more about their website. Is a Scam or Legit Website? Read the Review!!

What is Worth Investment (

Worth Investment mostly referred to as claims to be a Forex investment website. “Worth Investment Group states that they are private holding company focused on acquiring companies in the middle-market, partnering with management to build even greater value, and holding these companies for the long term.

Based in Jackson, Michigan, Worth-Investment Group acquires companies headquartered in North America with management teams that seek to leverage our strategic resources to achieve operational improvement; accelerate growth through strategic repositioning; realize scale benefits through add-on acquisitions; and achieve a leading market position”

In other to have a first-hand clue of what Worth Investment stands for, we did an initial contact of reaching out to their support team on the website. Here are the details:

How Old is Worth Investment

Chatting their support team, we asked how long they have been in business with the website. The support stated that they have been in business for over five years now. A screenshot below discloses the chat between our team and them. After gathering the information, we did further research to see how old the domain is since they said they have been in business for over 5 years. Is it true?

That was a blatant lie. We noticed that the domain was just 3 Month 30 Days old as of September 2020 of this article. Further investigation revealed that the domain was registered with Namecheap and has had its information hidden.

In fact, the domain was first created on 2020-05-18 05:36:15 and left redundant a while. The question is, why will a genuine business wanting you to entrust them with your money lie to you? You should be thinking about now!! Read the chats below and go here to check the domain age:



Chat with Worth Investment customer support
Chat with Worth Investment customer support

What are Worth Investment Plans?

Worth Investment Investment Plans
Worth Investment Investment Plans

Before investing in any business, you definitely need to fetch more information including return on investment. This website makes some promises that don’t make sense to any rational human. You will be paid 10 % of your investment within 48 hours. That’s stupid, isn’t it? When I asked how they will make a profit from my money in 48 hours, I was told they are into forex trading. Gimmick!

Is a Scam or Legit Website?

We would love to write a 1000 words article explaining why this website is not just a potential scam but a pure scam. These are the reason why you should run for your lives:

  1. Claim to be in Forex trading: After chatting with their support team, we asked which business actually are they into. They told us they do forex trading. The answer provided is the direct opposite of what is the website.
  2. Their Privacy Policy was copied from another company: Whiles searching on the site, we noticed their Privacy Policy page was copied without editing. Actually they copied everything including the company name of where it was copied from. How amateur scammers behave!! The company they copied from is known as “Hackathon handshake”
    Compare the above website information to what’s on the website below: This appears to be amateur scammers.
  3. is not registered or regulated: Though the support team tried to convince me that they were regulated and registered, they couldn’t answer my question when I asked under which institution were they registered and supervised.
  4. They are not in the UK. On their website, claims to be in the UK. It’s a blatant lie. They either operating from South America or Africa. It took them 8 minutes 45 seconds to copy the information on the Contact Us page and send me an answer to where they live.

Conclusion on Worth Investment

You invest at your own risk. No sound-minded person should blow $500 dollars on a traceless website with amateur support who do not know what their own company stands for.


The above article is based on the writers’ own experience with the business and we will not be held responsible for any decision you take. If you have other experiences, you can leave your comment below.