Is This Ghana?

Such is the question our forebears will ask those to whom they left to succeed in the Ghana they fought for and freed.
They will weep as they ask: “Is this the Ghana we allowed ourselves to be won to the side of the Whiteman’s God and even got christened in it alongside our children and dependants?”

Not only would they burden our generation with questions we can’t answer, but they will find it difficult to understand it themselves why their African gods, the one that the Whiteman called “filthy” did not teach his apostles to bath naked women in streams, but the disciples of the “clean” imported gods not only bath married women at the seaside, but go beyond what the victim does with the wedded husband.

Such is religion in our dispensation, in our generation, today’s Ghana.

This is not limited to only “pastors”. The ” mallams” “fetish priests”, and those whose titles belies their conduct, are into this doing in one way or the other in every corner of our country.

Ghana is caving in.

Our leaders, both politicians and the teachers (religious and secular) are aware of this. They’ve obliviously kept a blind eye to it, because if they fight them, they’ll lose them in the ballot box. If you hate “pastors” bathing naked women, capitalizing on the ignorance of the vulnerable, and desecrating the name of our sacred Ghana; join the revolution I lead to instead educate our populace.

Education is the best solution to our problems

The average Ghanaian needs education.
Not the rote learning, where a student is kept in the classroom and to be taught subjects that makes him/her not able to think for the self. But, the education that will let us reason alongside the 21st-century literates. Education that will wean us from exploitation, but propels us to harness our resources, our talent for development.

No so-called “man of God” can exploit you when you’re better educated.

How beautiful it’ll be when Kwame Nkrumah visit us tomorrow and pat us on the shoulder, saying: “is this the Ghana I left you, and I see you’ve built unbreakable structures on the foundation I left for you?”

How pleasing it’ll be when JB Danquah does not insult us but say: “this is the Ghana I wanted, you’ve risen above exploitation, and now I can rest in perfect peace?”

Yes, how happy we’ll be, if Kofi Abrefa Busia is visited in the heavens by Robert Mugabe, and be briefed on happenings in Ghana that: “your toil did not go in vain, today, sons and daughters of the country you left have risen from religious and economic, enslavement”?

Let us reason together 

God bless Ghana! 

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

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