Information Security vs. Cyber Security: What Are the Differences?

Information Security vs. Cyber Security: What Are the Differences?

You might remember the 2017 Equifax data breach when the personal information of 147 million people was exposed. This incident led to public fear and a $425 million settlement. To prevent incidents like this, many companies rely on information security and cyber security.

Information security and cybersecurity are very closely related. However, there are a few key differences that you need to know. Let’s take a look at the differences between information security vs. cyber security.

What Is Information Security?

Businesses often collect information or data about others. This includes their clients and other people or organizations that they work with. They usually store this data electronically on servers, computers, or in the cloud.

Information security works to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of this data. It is sometimes also called data security. Information security works to protect all data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, and destruction.

If there is any physical data, such as paperwork, information security would also guard it. Just think about how important information used to be stored in filing cabinets to keep it safe and secure. Information security has the same aim, but functions in the modern world.

If there were a breach in security, information security personnel would also make plans to recover from that breach. They take a large overview look at the entire situation.

What Is Cyber Security?

When a company stores data in electronic form, it is at risk of being attacked or compromised. Cyber security works to protect data from these kinds of cyberattacks. It also usually focuses on protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access via online threats.

There are a number of steps involved in cyber security. You need to identify the critical data, where it resides, how exposed to risk it is, and how you can protect it using technology. Cyber security measures work as the first line of defense to protect unauthorized access.

Cyber Security and Information Security Tips

Both cyber security and information security are constantly changing. New technology can help secure data, while new malicious technology is developed to override it. This has caused an overlap between cyber security and information security that you need to consider.

Many businesses have cyber security professionals on the team. However, they don’t have information security professionals.

The overlap means the cyber security professional on staff needs to work on both aspects. But they may not necessarily have a background in information security.

It is critical that you and your team stay up to date on the continual changes involved in both cyber security and information security. This will allow you to become more effective in managing both and to find and solve any security gaps.

Many organizations find it helpful to outsource their security to a fully managed cyber security service. You can remain confident in your security, knowing that all aspects are covered.

Most cyber security and information security measures involve digital steps. However, there are some physical security components as well. For example, if you store data on a server, you can put a physical lock on the door to prevent unauthorized access.

Know the Difference between Information Security vs. Cyber Security

Understanding the difference between information security vs. cyber security is crucial in business. It can help you make effective decisions when it comes to how you will manage your company’s data and electronic resources. Make sure to take all the steps you can to keep your data safe.

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