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Important Questions to Ask a Managed IT Company Before Hiring Them

More than half of all companies use outside support to connect with their customers. Outsourcing IT is one of the ways companies leverage outside suppliers.

Companies find that they can focus on their business, reduce costs, and improve operations just by hiring a managed IT company.

Hiring a managed service provider that’s a good fit with your business isn’t a simple task. You’re hiring a business partner that has to be reliable and work with your existing platforms.

How can you make sure you hire the right managed IT services for your business? Keep reading to learn the key questions to ask professional IT service providers.

  1. What Is Your Level of Expertise?

You want to learn how well a managed IT company fits with your core business. Some industries have regulatory compliance standards to meet.

If yours is one of them, ask providers if they have experience in your industry. Also, ask about IT certifications and partnerships.

There are a few essential follow-up questions to ask prospective service providers. You want to know who is working on your account. Find out if they outsource services to outside providers or if they have people in-house.

In either case, ask if you can meet with the service provider’s team.

  1. Do You Have a List of Features and Services?

Professional IT companies have a broad range of services. They like to customize plans to each customer’s needs.

That doesn’t quite help you know if a service provider has what you need. For instance, you might want to migrate to cloud services or need technical support for your staff.

Getting a list helps you understand what a service provider can and can’t do for your business.

  1. What Will You Do to Protect Data?

Data security is a top concern for small business owners. A managed IT company should have a way to protect your data and keep it secure.

Ask them what security standards they use. They should also keep up with changing cybersecurity threats.

  1. How Do You Provide IT Support?

Will a managed IT company help you if your servers go down at 3 am?

Ask providers if they provide 24/7 support. Find out how to reach support channels, whether by email, chat, or phone.

  1. Can You Provide Case Studies and References?

An IT provider should have a clear track record of happy clients. They should also demonstrate that they deliver a return on investment.

Ask providers to give case studies of how they helped companies in your industry. Get references and contact past clients to learn more about a potential provider.

Hiring the Right Managed IT Company

There’s a lot to learn in business ownership. You have to find ways to make the best use of your time and resources. Outsourcing IT allows you to focus on your business and save money.

If you’re outsourcing IT, you need to make sure you hire the best managed IT company. These questions help you decide which provider is the best fit.

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