Kevin Okyere

I sold icewater at Baba Yara Stadium – Millionaire Kevin Okyere of Springfield

Businessman and owner of Springfield Energy Kelvin Okyere has recounted how he rose to become a billionaire by starting as an ice water seller at Kumasi Asante Kotoko games.

There are cooked up stories each day by millionaires of his they came about their wealth but it has not been all rosy for thd oil tycoon.

He was born into a family of not all that rich parents, grew up with 27 siblings and had to struggle in life to make it to the top with determination, perseverance and hard work.

According to Kevin Okyere, although he was born a “chip off the old block”, I didn’t the take the opportunities that came to me for granted”… “I organized my friends and we sold water at Kotoko matches in Kumasi to gain entry and also worked as a student to pay my way through school”.

Kevin Okyere

He credited his mother for his success as she had always encouraged him to build his own wealth as “there is a great deal of difference between ‘this is ours’ and ‘this is mine’”

He said the above in a TV3 interview with Paa Kwasi Asare, Kevin Okyere revealed for the first time, that contrary to popular rumour that he was an only child of a wealthy father, he actually has 27 other siblings 3 or 4 of whom are late.

He disclosed that after secondary school, he attended George Masons university in Virginia, in the United States.

Explaining how the name “Springfield” came about, Kevin Okyere said: “I went to school in George Masons university in Virginia and it (Springfield) is an area. I know. But the name Springfield actually comes from, you know, when things are springing up. When opportunities are gushing… ideas are gushing out. When Blessings are gushing out… oil and gas are gushing… When plants, I mean on the farm are gushing out.” He said making eruption gestures with his hands.