Hunter Biden called Clinton an “a-hole” who “looks likes bullsh—-t” and his workers “greedy.” Emails

In the words of one critic, ‘Petty, Greedy, Venal, Low Rent bullsh—t is what it is.’ Hunter Biden made a joke about Clinton staffers who were earning twice as much as they were supposed to be making.

A series of emails written in 2015 between Biden’s long-time business associate Eric Schwerin and Delaware’s current senior deputy attorney general, Alexander Mackler, lambasted former President Clinton as an ‘a-hole,’ a “scumbag,” and someone who ‘looks like s–t.”


According to The News God, Schwerin revealed a videotape of Clinton in an email chat with Hunter Biden and Mackler, who was serving as Vice President Joe Biden’s deputy counsel at the time, on April 8, 2016, in which she was caught on camera. Clips from a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign event in Philadelphia show the former president arguing with Black Lives Matter activists on the Clinton Crime Bill of 1994, which included harsher sentencing measures than the previous administration.