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How Twitch Users Make Money

When it comes to monetization options for its creators, no platform can be compared to Twitch. It takes effort and commitment to have followers; some even buy Facebook followers. It’s only fair to reap what you sow. And Twitch does just that. It provides several avenues of getting back the value of your sacrifice. Though there are video streaming behemoths like YouTube, game live streaming has enabled the platform to attack other categories of live streaming including music.

 Do you want to watch elite gamers play popular games? Do you want to become an elite gamer? While they flock to twitch to watch elite gamers, the enthusiasts are rewarded by becoming paid channel subscribers. Moreover, they can also be rewarded through ‘Bits” which is Twitch’s virtual currency. More than this, by tapping into their favorite fan base, gamers have come up with other ways of making a living out of Twitch Livestream. Let’s take a ride into some of these ways.

1. Cheers and Donations from subscribers

 Have you heard of digital currency? Have you heard of mining digital bitcoins? For Ethereum and Bitcoin, a programmer is awarded by units of Bitcoin when he solves some problem in the blockchain. Twitch is on a new level. As a subscriber, you can support your favorite Twitch influencer by purchasing Twitch’s virtual currency called ‘Bits’. There are several denominations from which users can then purchase the bits. But how can this be converted to fiat money? How can you use these to pay your bills?

As a user, you can redeem your bits by simply typing ‘cheer’ in your chat box and entering the number of bits you want to spend. In your chatroom, you will find the cheer displayed as a gift. Each time your fans cheer you, be sure to get something. The prices of the bits are more than achievable; $0.01 per Bit. For those producing quality content, you will be cheered because think about it. Have you been traveling by public means then out of nowhere, an artist strut in and starts performing? When the performance is exciting, at its peak, you will see fans starting to give donations without being asked to do so. The key to getting these cheers is producing quality content. 

2. Ad Revenue

This is another popular monetization platform for Twitch streamers. Just as in YouTube, there are pre-roll and interstitial ads that play whenever a viewer tunes in or watches a preloaded clip. These ad revenues fall on a flat rate charge as per the agreement. Are you a Twitch prime member? Are you bogged down by the number of ads on Twitch? Do you use ads blockers? If you are among these, you will not see these ads. For those who have paid for the subscription, you will not be bogged down by these ads. Recently, Twitch decided to obliterate ad-free viewing. This is aimed at supporting revenues for stream creators.

Normally, content creators repost their content on more than one channel. This is the case with Twitch live streaming. Users repost their content on YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and other related platforms. While at it, they edit lengthy streams then link gameplay highlights into compilation videos. This generates additional ad revenue for the users by reaching an audience that is not on Twitch.

3. Twitch Influencers having partnerships with brands

There is a niche of influencer marketing that’s specifically focused on gaming. Streamers can work with brands; as a one-time campaign, long-term campaign, or ambassadorship. In most cases, the video game industry is the biggest sponsor. Are you in a non-gaming industry though using Twitch? How do you increase your popularity? Twitch is continually growing its popularity. This is accompanied by non-gaming brands forming partnerships with Twitch creators to move the market in the desired direction.

4. Sponsorship

Professional video gaming has exponentially grown in the last years and established itself amongst the biggest businesses. Have you heard of eSports? This is just a colloquial name for the international video gaming community. As of 2021, the gaming industry was estimated to be worth more than 1.5 billion. Each country has a league of its own though the most common one is football leagues. Just as the league’s attract sponsors, Twitch streamers can have sponsorships, either individually or becoming part of the eSport league. Play sponsorship is just as expensive as in football leagues. It ranges from thousands of dollars depending on the deal.

Ready to make a living out of Twitch streaming? Several celebrities are already doing it. Why are you still prevaricating? Take this chance and read more.